Is Law School Right for Me?

So you’re thinking about going to law school? On this page, you will find resources and advice on the decision to attend law school.

Should I attend law school?

The decision to apply and attend law school is a major decision. Before applying, consider why you want to attend law school, the financial considerations associated with this decision, and what you envision doing with your law degree. Here are some helpful resources

  1. 6 questions to ask yourself if you think you want to go to law school
  2. 10 Questions to Ask Before Applying to Law School

Financial Considerations

Law school is expensive, and many law schools have policies regarding working during your first year of law school. Here are some resources to help with financial considerations and law school.

1. Student Loan Calculator 
2. AccessConnex by AccessLex

3. Personal Finance for Law Students

4. Paying for Law School

Pre-Law Checklist

Throughout your time as an undergraduate, there are a number of steps we recommend you take as you work toward a legal career. Click here to view our pre-law checklist featuring recommendations on preparing for law school in your first, second, and third years at South Alabama.

ABA-Accredited Law Schools

There are over 200 ABA-accredited law schools in the United States. Here is a complete list.

Which Law School is right for me?

Here are some additional resources to help find the law school and the type of law that might be the best fit for you

How to Find the Right Law School

Which field of law is right for you?

Information on bar passage and employment outcomes by law school

Information on different law schools' academic programs, clinicals, scholarships, bar passage rates, etc.

Resources for female law school students