Facilitating Help-Seeking Through Social Support

What is it?

  • Encourage help-seeking behavior in those needing assistance for emotional stress via rapport building and supportive behavior.
  • This is not a treatment-focused training. This training provides exposure to (and practice of) skills that may persuade help-seeking behaviors in others.

Who should be trained?

  • Anyone and everyone! This training is for all ages, but preferably young adults or older.
  • Leaders of organizations on campus or those in positions where you come into contact with many students.

Why should I take this training?

  • Everyone needs help. Alliance Project training gives you the skills to help someone when they are most in need.
  • It can go on your resume.
  • Can be counted as service hours.
  • It only takes approximately 2 hours!

When can I do this?

Where are the trainings?

  • We can come to you! We are fully prepared to go mobile and bring this to your establishment.
  • We can also set up a meeting in the Student Center.
Two students talking on a bench