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Dr. Valerie L.  Bryan,  
Associate Professor of Social Work

Research:  Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Poverty

Curriculum Vitae 


Office Location: HUMB 4 

Office Phone: (251) 414-8041


Ms. Laurie F. Haas
Instructor of Social Work and Field Coordinator of Social Work

Research:  Gerontology Aging Issues, Interprofessional Student Education

Curriculum Vitae 

Office Location: HUMB 11  

Office Phone: (251) 460-6906

Dr. C. Kenneth Hudson
Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Work

Research:  Poverty, Social Stratification, Labor Markets

Curriculum Vitae

Office Location: HUMB36

Office Phone: (251) 460-6342



Ms. Kimberly W. Pettway
Instructor of Social Work and Director, Center for Academic Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Research: Black Family Structure, the Perpetuation of Privilege and Inferiority in Human Services, HIV/AIDS transmission among heterosexual couples

Curriculum Vitae


Office Location: HUMB 20

Office Phone: (251) 460-6908
 Dr. Young

Dr. Stephen M. Young

Assistant Professor of Social Work and Director, BSW Program

Research: Health Disparities with Historically Underserved Populations, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care Coordination, and International Social Work Education. 

Curriculum Vitae

Office Location: HUMB 30

Office Phone: (251)-460-6910