Dr. Bret M. Webb, P.E., D.CE

Dr. Bret M. Webb, P.E., D.CE

Civil Engineering / Coastal Engineering

Research Interests

Coastal engineering is a specialty area of civil engineering that accounts for the unique wave, tide, and sand transport processes in the planning, design, and operation of civil engineering infrastructure within the coastal environment. As a coastal engineer my research interests include nature-based shoreline protection, resilience, vulnerability, and general coastal processes like waves, tides, storm surge, and sediment transport.

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Ph.D. Coastal Engineering, University of Florida
M.S. Coastal Engineering, University of Florida
B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Florida



Douglass, S. L., Webb, B. M., Servold, K. 2014. A primer on coastal engineering for "living shorelines." 7th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration. Washington, D.C., Nov 1-6.

Douglass, S. L., Webb, B. M., Kilgore, R. 2014. "Highways in the Coastal Environment: Assessing Extreme Events." Hydraulic Engineering Circular 25 Vol. 2. United States Department of Transportation, Washington, DC. 149 pp. 

Dzwonkowski, B., Park, K., Lee, J., Webb, B. M., Valle-Levinson, A. 2014. Spatial variability of flow over a river-influenced inner shelf in coastal Alabama during spring. Continental Shelf Research 74, 25-34.

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CE 102 Introduction to Civil Engineering
CE 352 Transportation Engineering
CE 452/CE 552 Transportation Geometric Design
CE 490/CE 590 Highway Safety
CE 490/CE 551 Traffic Engineering
EG 501 Research Integrity and Seminar - See more at: http://a.cms.omniupdate.com/files/content?site=www&path=%2Fcolleges%2Fengineering%2Fce%2Fkang3.pcf&ext=html&target=www&nonce=1439918683528#sthash.HlXw9RmR.dpuf

EG 231 Introduction to Ethics and Economics
EG 360 Fluid Mechanics CE 360 Water Resources Engineering I
CE 367 Hydraulics Laboratory (W)
CE 432 Civil Engineering Design II
CE 466 Coastal and Harbor Engineering
CE 501 Introduction to Coastal Design Environment
CE 502 Introduction to Civil Engineering Design - Coastal Environment
CE 560 Coastal Hydrodynamics
CE 563 Hydrodynamic Modeling

Faculty Advisor: Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)