Supporting Opportunity and Growth in the Honors College


Your support provides even more opportunity for students in the Honors College to develop their wide-ranging knowledge, to become engaged leaders in our community and to create knowledge and culture. 



▼   Learning Beyond the Major and the Classroom
Honors students are experts in their major—and beyond.  Our goal is to help our students pursue every possible opportunity and to support them by providing funds to study abroad, present their work at conferences and take summer courses.
▼   Leadership and Engagement
Honors College students are campus leaders who help make every college student’s experience more meaningful, inside the classroom and out.  We support student engagement by providing tickets to cultural events on and off campus and creating opportunities for service and leadership in every part of the University experience.
▼   Creating Knowledge and Culture
In the Honors College, every student creates knowledge through original research.  The Honors College helps students identify mentors and scholars from around the state, the country and the world and helps provide necessary resources for research.


Your support of the Honors College can take the form of readily-spendable funds to support travel, research supplies, or scholarships.  The Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative matches any endowed undergraduate scholarship gift dollar for dollar.

Recent activities in the Honors College:

  • Group global travel to study human rights in Oxford, England and to meet Nobel Peace Laureates in Mexico
  • Individual research trips to work in labs in Poland, France, South Korea and Japan
  • Overnight trips to experience the Jubilee Bridge Crossing in Selma, Ala.; the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Ala. and totality in the Great American Eclipse of 2017 in Athens, Tenn.
  • Travel to national and international conferences from Svalbard, Norway and Birmingham, Ala.


Office of Development

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