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Posted on March 15, 2022 by Med School Watercooler
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Medical students, residents and a faculty member were named to the USA Chapter of the Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Honor Society (GHHS).  data-lightbox='featured'
Medical students, residents and a faculty member were named to the USA Chapter of the Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Honor Society (GHHS). They include (fifth row) Natalie Kidd, Nicholas Viyuoh and Kasey Andrews; (fourth row) Mengjie Hu, Sarah Fillingim and Donavon Dahmer; (third row) Ashley Nguyen and Mary Vansant; (second row) Rennan Zaharias, Hailey Selikoff and Baylee Edwards; (front row) Justin Grimes, M.D.; Elizabeth Minto, M.D.; and Sana Ozair, M.D.

Eleven USA College of Medicine students, three residents and a faculty member recently were named to the USA Chapter of the Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Honor Society (GHHS), a national society that celebrates compassionate, patient-centered care. 

Each year, a select group of students, residents and faculty members are named to the society through a peer-nominated process. GHHS membership recognizes individuals who exemplify compassionate patient care and serve as role models, mentors and leaders in medicine.

“These students, residents and faculty serve as role models of the human connection in healthcare,” said T.J. Hundley, M.D., associate dean for medical education and a chapter adviser. “They have been identified as individuals who represent the GHHS goal of placing compassion, dignity and human value at the heart of education and clinical practice.”

Current GHHS members surprised the new members with a visit last week. Sarah Fillingim was working in the OB-GYN resident clinic when she received the news. “I was overwhelmed and excited to become a part of a group I’ve looked up to since beginning medical school,” she said. “Being a part of this organization means so much to me, and it reinforced my commitment to provide empathic and patient-centered care throughout my career.”

Elizabeth Minto, M.D., assistant professor of neurology and director of clinical skills at the USA College of Medicine, was in her office when GHHS members Brittany Jackson and Zach Lazzari showed up at the door. “I was completely shocked and overwhelmed,” said Minto, the faculty member elected for membership this year. “It is humbling and incredibly meaningful to have been named to such a special organization that prioritizes not just academic excellence, but actually caring and compassion. Being chosen by the students to join them in GHHS is an honor that will continue to anchor my teaching and patient care.”

This year, the following third-year medical students, residents and faculty were selected:

  • Kasey Andrews, student
  • Donavon Dahmer, student
  • Baylee Edwards, student
  • Sarah Fillingim, student
  • Mengjie Hu, student
  • Natalie Kidd, student
  • Ashley Nguyen, student
  • Hailey Selikoff, student
  • Mary Vansant, student
  • Nicholas Viyuoh, student
  • Rennan Zaharias, student
  • Elizabeth Minto, M.D., assistant professor, department of neurology
  • Justin Grimes, M.D., resident, department of surgery
  • Sana Ozair, M.D., resident, department of internal medicine
  • Macy Vickers, M.D., resident, department of obstetrics and gynecology 

Fillingim was elected GHHS president. Other officers include Ashley Nguyen, social coordinator; and Rennan Zaharias, secretary/treasurer. New members will be inducted into the society and pinned at the USA College of Medicine’s annual White Coat Ceremony on Friday, June 17.

Fillingim said she is grateful for the example set by those around her. “I am surrounded by health system employees, classmates, residents and attendings who consistently live out the GHHS principles,” she said.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation sustains the commitment of healthcare professionals to provide compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent patient care. The society has about 30,000 members in training and practice.

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