COM Student Handbook 

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Staff Directory

College of Medicine
John V. Marymont, M.D.
     Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean
Student Affairs Phone Number
Kelly Roveda, M.D.
     Associate Dean of Student Affairs
(251) 460-7174
Medical Education Phone Number
T.J. Hundley, M.D.
     Associate Dean of Medical Education 

(251) 414-8166

(251) 471-7896

Benjamin Estrada, M.D.
     Assistant Dean of Medical Education (Faculty Development)
(251) 405-5126
Abu-Bakr Al-Mehdi, M.D., Ph.D.
     Assistant Dean of Medical Education (Assessment and Evaluation)
(251) 341-3891
Jeffrey Sosnowski, M.D., Ph.D.
     Assistant Dean of Medical Education (Curriculum Integration)
(251) 460-6190

David Weber, Ph.D.

    Assistant Dean of Medical Education 

(251)  460-6840
Laura Boatright, MD, CHSE
     Director of Clinical Skills
(251) 460-7139
Staff Phone Number
Frank Lucas
    Senior Associate Registrar, Office of Student Records
(251) 460-7180
Stephanie Roote
     Associate Director, Office of Financial Aid
(251) 460-7918
Kimberlee Rish
     Secretary V
(251) 460-7174
Connie Land
     Accountant I
(251) 460-7851
Shannon Brown
     Assessment Specialist and Coordinator
(251) 460-1966
Ashley Givens
   Coordinator, Medical Education
(251) 461-1413
Charissa Moore
    Coordinator, Medical Education
(251) 414-8166
Karen Braswell (202 Mastin – Student Affairs)
     Supervisor COM Clinical Education
(251) 471-7145
LaToya Gamble (202 Mastin – Student Affairs)
     Coordinator COM Clinical Education 
(251) 471-7873