COM Student Handbook 

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Professionalism Assessments

Freshmen and Sophomores

Routine professionalism assessments included in the mid- and final module reports will take into consideration the aforementioned traits and, in addition, any reports of exceptional behavior or incidents of unprofessional behavior reported during the evaluation period. A copy of the routine professionalism assessment and any incident report will be kept on file with the Associate Dean for Medical Education in the Office of the Division of Medical Education.

It is assumed that any student enrolled in the University of South Alabama College of Medicine exhibits Satisfactory performance in all professional behaviors commensurate with level of training unless otherwise observed and documented.

Juniors and Seniors

Students will be assessed for professionalism by clinical faculty, staff and residents as an element of grading for clerkships and senior  electives.  Each  student  will  receive from the Clerkship Director of each rotation an Interim  Clerkship  Report  of performance in clinical skills, communication skills, judgment, professional skills, initiative, problem-solving, and teamwork. Students will be assessed as either (a) Satisfactory and Appropriate for Level of Education, or  (b) Unsatisfactory. The report will also document suggestions for improvement relayed to the Clerkship Director from residents and attending physicians.

All years

In addition to providing periodic feedback, the College provides a mechanism for rapid reporting of an incident that involves a student, in any year of training, observed to engage in either unprofessional behavior or exemplary behavior.