A student is subject to dismissal from medical school for any of the following reasons:

  • An F or UF grade is received for more than two modules in year 1, or in year 2.
  • An F or UF grade is received for more than 2 clerkships.
  • An F or UF grade is received in any course/clerkship while currently on academic probation.
  • One or more terms of a professionalism contract designed to remediate a student’s previously documented unprofessional behavior is violated.
  • A clerkship miniboard is failed for the 3rd time.
  • The Final OSCE is not remediated within 60 days of the original examination.
  • Participating in illegal or flagrantly unprofessional activities or actions which endanger the safety and well‐being of others.
  • Failure on the third attempt of Step 1 or Step 2CK.

A student shall be subject to dismissal at any time during the academic year when F or UF grades have been earned in (a) a sufficient number of modules or clerkship (bullets 1 and 2), or (b) a course/clerkship under remediation (bullet 3), or (c) a clerkship miniboard is not passed on the third attempt. The Associate Deans of Medical Education and Student Affairs will notify the student in writing and verbally of this action and the SPEC chairperson in writing.

Any student whose dismissal is recommended by SPEC and accepted by the Dean of the College of Medicine will be informed of the action in writing by the Dean or Associate Deans for Medical Education and Student Affairs.

A student dismissed from the College of Medicine is required to complete an Exit Interview with the Office of Student Records and pay any outstanding emergency loans and fines owed to the University.

If a student receives a grade of U on more than one clerkship due to failure to pass the miniboard, there will be an automatic review by SPEC. SPEC may:

  • Require the student to repeat both miniboards.
  • Require the student to repeat both clerkships in their entirety, delaying graduation.
  • Require the student to repeat the entire third year.
  • Take other action as deemed necessary, up to and including dismissal.

Policy for students who receive deficient grades for OSCE 5

An M3 student who scores <70% on any one or more stations in the Final OSCE gets a U grade and two chances to remediate all failed stations. If successfully remediated within 60 days of the first attempt, the U converts to a UP. Please refer to the section entitled Objective‐Structured Clinical Examinations for the remediation process and various outcomes.

Students are promoted to the M4 year contingent upon passing, or successful remediation, of the Final OSCE. For a student who does not remediate the Final OSCE within 60 days, the U grade converts to an UF, and the student is referred to SPEC with a recommendation for dismissal.

Policy for M3 students who have failed one clerkship in the M3 Year

Students who receive an F grade in a clerkship, regardless of passing the miniboard, shall be required to repeat the clerkship. Repeating the clerkship in its entirety will require the minimum passing score on the retaken miniboard. Upon successful remediation, the student shall be promoted into the M4 year in good standing. Failure to successfully remediate may result in dismissal. Students who successfully remediate a clinical clerkship may be required by SPEC to take an Acting Internship on that subject in the M4 year.