Choosing a Major

There is no “pre-health” major at the University of South Alabama.  Do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.  You can major in anything you want and apply to any professional pre-health program.  It may be tricky to navigate required courses with some majors but that’s what your academic and pre-health advisors help you with.  You need to major in something that makes you fulfilled and happy should you change the direction of your career. 

If you are an exploratory student we can help you find the best major for your strengths and interests.

  • Take the Focus II assessment through Career Development.  This assessment tool is great in helping students find out about majors that fit with their strengths and interests.
  • Major guides, guides that give detailed information including salary, job options, education requirements, and much more, are available for students to explore majors. 
  • Talk to professors in classes you are enjoying.  Ask them how they chose their major.  Look into research opportunities with them.
  • Try taking a class that just looks interesting.  You never know when you will find your passion.

Remember one shoe does not fit all just as one major does not fit all.

Parallel Plans

▼   All students who are interested in attending a professional health program are required to create a parallel plan.
In 10 years, if you were not to go to medical school, dental school, etc., what would you like to be doing instead? Have a plan.
▼   This is why choosing the right major is so important.
As you fulfill your required courses for both your major and a health profession, your advisor will work with you to ensure that you are taking advantage of opportunities in your major field as well. If your plans change you’ll be okay. You will be creating a second path so that you continue to have choices and don’t lose any ground along the way.