Welcome to pre-pharmacy!  We are excited that you have your sights set on becoming a pharmacist.  You have a long road ahead of you but we are here to help.  We will provide information and support as you take the pre-requisite courses up until you start the application and testing process.


▼   Requirements for Pharmacy School

Unlike medical and dental programs, schools of pharmacy have a wide variety of required courses.  It is very important that students research the requirements for the pharmacy programs to which they plan to apply.  An excellent resource for information, including admission statistics and requirements, on U.S. programs can be found at  The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) is also a great resource for pre-pharmacy students and includes information on the job outlook, and financial resources among others. 

  • Most pharmacy schools require the following courses:
      • General Chemistry I and II and labs
      • Organic Chemistry I and II and labs
      • General Biology I and II and labs
      • Calculus I
      • English Composition I and II

  • Some schools require physics, biochemistry, statistics, calculus, genetics, behavioral sciences and other upper level science coursework. It is important that you research the requirements for those schools in which you are interested.  Your pre-health advisor can help you with this research.

  • Specific requirements for some area schools can be found at the following links:

▼   Shadowing a Pharmacist
Due to the legal constraints of working in a pharmacy it is more difficult for students to obtain shadowing experiences.  It is recommended that students obtain these experiences by becoming a pharmacy technician.  This will, in most cases, allow you to obtain employment in a pharmacy or shadow a pharmacist.  Certification as a pharmacy technician is usually completed through a state board of pharmacy.  If you are an Alabama resident, information on becoming certified as a Pharmacy Technician can be found at the Alabama Board of Pharmacy
▼   International Students and Pharmacy School
  • Many U.S. pharmacy schools admit international applicants. However, international students may be required to demonstrate English language proficiency as a condition of their admission.
  • Transcripts may also have to be evaluated by a foreign evaluation services prior to consideration.
  • In order to receive financial aid students must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States.

The AACP is a great resource for international students interested in pursuing a pharmacy education in the United States. 


Useful Links for Pre-Pharmacy

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