Pre-Genetic Counseling

Welcome to pre-genetic counseling!  We are excited that you have your sights set on becoming a genetic counselor.  You have a long road ahead of you but we are here to help.  We will provide information and support as you take the pre-requisite courses up until you start the application and testing process.


▼   Requirements for Genetic Counseling Programs
  • Most master programs in genetic counseling require the following courses in addition to a bachelor’s degree in any subject:

    • General Biology I and II and labs
    • Biochemistry I
    • Genetics
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Introduction to Statistics
  • Although not specifically required by most programs, General Chemistry I and II and Organic Chemistry I are required for most biochemistry courses.  Some schools may also require additional courses in science, math and and/or behavioral sciences.  It is important that you research the requirements for those schools in which you are interested.  Your pre-health advisor can help you with this research.
  • Specific requirements for some area schools can be found at the following links:

There are 36 accredited Genetic Counseling programs in the United States and 3 accredited programs in Canada.  The Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling maintains a detailed list of programs.  (link for Accreditation Council:

▼   International Students and Genetic Counseling Programs
  • Many U.S. genetic counseling master’s programs welcome international applicants.  
  • International students may be required to demonstrate English language proficiency as a condition of their admission.
  • In order to receive financial aid students must be a permanent resident or citizen of the U.S.  Many genetic counseling programs, that do accept foreign applicants, require that students prove the ability to finance all years of their master education prior to matriculation. 
  • If undergraduate courses are taken at a college or university outside of Canada or the U.S., student is responsible for getting their course work verified by a credentialing evaluation service.


Useful links for Master’s Programs in Genetic Counseling

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