Making the Grade

What is the Importance of a Strong Grade Point Average (GPA)?

  • The average GPA of those students who are accepted into a professional health graduate program is usually between 3.4 and 3.8 depending on the health profession. 
    • This GPA includes all courses taken at any college or university (including those you took with dual enrollment in high school).
    • At the University of South Alabama you can increase your GPA by repeating a course in which you performed poorly and then applying for grade replacement.  Graduate health programs do not do this – they will count both grades in your GPA calculation.
  • Graduate health programs also want to see your biology, chemistry, physics and math GPA or BCPM.  This will include all courses in these subjects taken at any college or university (including those you took with dual enrollment in high school).
    • The average BCPM of accepted students is also between 3.4 and 3.8 depending on the health profession.
  • Professional health programs will require you to provide your academic GPA which includes all grades earned at any institute of higher learning as well as your BCPM GPA. 

Strategies for Success with your GPA:

▼   Start strong in all your classes.
Attend unless you are sick or have an excused absence. Sit near the front. Actively participate in class and take notes. Do not rely on others to do this for you.
▼   Develop a professional relationship with your instructors.
Not only can they help you in their class but you may be depending on them for a letter of recommendation when it comes time to apply.
▼   If you do struggle with a class do not be afraid to ask for help.
All faculty are required to hold office hours. Ask your instructor for help but do not assume they will re-lecture a class because you chose not to take notes. Their office hours are listed on the syllabus you received for the class.
▼   Academic Services Center Resources
  • Tutoring is available daily in all 100 and 200 level subjects and is free to all students. 
  • The Writing Center has experienced tutors ready to help with writing assignments.
  • The Math Lab is staffed with experienced math tutors ready to help. They are available during all operating hours to assist students.
  • As soon as you start struggling, ask for help.