Volunteer and Leadership Experiences

You are entering fields with very strong and well established service orientations.  How will you show that you care about others to the admissions committees of these institutions? 

  • Get involved in service at the start of your college career.  There are lots of ways to get involved.
    • Join Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Pre-Health Honors Organization.  Meetings are held bi-monthly during the academic fall and spring terms.  Speakers from different areas of healthcare present during meetings.  There are also lots of volunteer activities that you can participate in over the semester.
    • Office of Community Engagement provides continuous service opportunities on campus and in the local community.
    • You will also want to get involved in a sustained, long-term volunteer activity that you do on a continuous basis throughout your time at South.  Find something you are passionate about and volunteer.

Don’t just join, get involved in the leadership of a student or civic organization.  You will be part of a team as a health professional and one way to learn how to be part of a team is to get involved and learn how to be a good leader.

  • Remember, however, to not get over involved.  Prioritize your commitments and choose wisely. 
  • Your first focus needs to be on your accomplishments in the classroom and outside activities should not distract from that.