Computing, Study, & Meeting Spaces

Meeting Spaces

Meeting and study room use is limited to College of Medicine, College of Allied Health and College of Nursing students, staff and faculty.

Baugh Biomedical Library Conference Room- Room 222-A

The Conference Room contains movable tables and chairs to accommodate a meeting of up to twenty-five. It is suitable for study in large groups, for class meetings, or committees. It also includes a large flat-screen monitor for media or presentations, video conference equipment, and WiFi access. The room can be reserved in advance for group study, meetings, or video conferencing by contacting the circulation desk. The room can also be checked out as a regular group study room at the circulation desk if there are no current occupants or reservations. 

Baugh Biomedical Library Classroom- BBL 217

This room is available for meetings, seminars, and individual class sessions for health sciences' students, faculty and/or staff.  The room is NOT available for ongoing University classes. The classroom has WiFi access and a large flat screen monitor for sharing media and presentations. During unscheduled times, the classroom will be available to groups (of two or more students) for use as a study space.

Interprofessional Collaboration Center- BBL 222

The Interprofessional Collaboration Center is designed for students, staff and/or faculty of the Colleges of Allied Health Professions, Medicine, and Nursing to collaborate on class projects, research projects, grant proposals, or other group activities. The room contains modular tables and chairs along with monitors with connection ports for laptops. There is also a projector for presentations or instructional sessions. WiFi is available in the room. The room is NOT available for ongoing University classes. Individual tables cannot be reserved and are available on a first-come/first-serve basis. Reservation of the entire room for instruction or university meetings can be made through the Biomedical Library Circulation Desk.

Study Rooms

The Biomedical Library includes many areas designed for quiet study or group work including 8 individual study rooms for College of Medicine students, 8 individual study rooms for students of the College of Nursing or College of Allied Health, 11 group study rooms, and many tables, carrels, and comfortable study chairs with laptop stands. Individuals rooms are checked-out on an as-available basis. Group rooms are available to groups of two or more students and may checked out for  one four hour block per day. Group rooms include dry erase boards and rolling note-boards are located throughout the library for easy access. Markers for either can be checked out at the circulation desk. 

▼   Policies and Guidelines for Study Room Use
  • Biomedical Library study rooms are available for checkout by students from Colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health. The rooms are locked and keys must be checked-out in person with your student ID card at the 1st floor Circulation Desk. Rooms are checked out on a first come first serve basis. Dry-markers/erasers, laptops and headphones are also available.
  • Group rooms may be checked out for 1 four hour block per room per person to groups of 2 or more. Group rooms that are checked out but unoccupied for more than one hour will be considered abandoned and the occupants’ belongings may be removed by Circulation staff and stored in a locked cabinet in Circulation area until retrieval. When all Individual Study Rooms are occupied, group rooms then can be checked out to single occupants. However you may be asked to leave if a group asks for a room.
  • Fines and Fees are applied to overdue study room key(s).
  • Second floor individual study rooms are restricted to Allied Health, Nursing, and Ph. D. students in Basic Medical Sciences on an as-available basis. They are available to be checked out for the day.
  • Third floor individual study rooms are restricted to College of Medicine I-IV,  Resident/Fellows students, and departing Resident/Fellows until their exam date on an as-available basis. They are available to be checked out for the day.
  • Keys must NOT leave the building. Please return to desk before exiting the library. A fine of $25 will be assessed for lost keys.
  • Keys to rooms are non-transferrable. The person who checks out the key must occupy the room. The person who checks out the key will be held responsible for any violations of the policies.
  • Please report any damage to the room as you find it; otherwise, you may be charged for damage to the room.
  • For security reasons, covering the window of the study room is not allowed.
  • Rooms are NOT soundproofed, so please be considerate of your neighbors who are also studying.
  • Alcohol & tobacco products including e-vapes are not allowed in the library.
  • Abuse of policies may result in the loss of room reservation privileges.


Computing Areas and Equipment

Baugh Biomedical Library (Campus)

The Biomedical Library has public computers available to students on the first floor, as well as laptops for checkout at the circulation desk. All computers in the library are internet accessible. Wifi is available throughout the library. All computers include Microsoft Office as well as printing capabilities, and wireless printing is also available for laptops and mobile devices. There are also copiers, a scanner, and a fax machine available for use.


Those using the library's computers or networks must comply with the University's computing policy detailed in the Student Handbook.