General Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you additional questions, please contact our helpdesk for further information.

▼   What is two factor authentication?
Two factor authentication provides an extra layer of security by combining something you know, such as as a password, with something you have, such as a smartphone app. This additional layer of security helps reduce the risk of account compromise.
▼   What are supported authentication methods?

Passcode (Recommended)

Retrieve a passcode using the DUO Mobile app or SMS in order to authenticate. The DUO Mobile app does not require a wireless or LTE connection connection on order to generate a passcode, making it an ideal choice for areas with limited connectivity.

Phone Call

You will receive an automated call from DUO with further instructions on how to authenticate. This method typically involves pressing a specific key in order to continue.

Push Alert

Push alerts require the DUO Mobile app to be installed and can be used to push an authentication request directly to your device. Once you receive a request, simply open your app, push the green bar, and approve your log in.

▼   What if I lose my device?
If you lose your phone or hardware token, please contact our helpdesk as soon as possible so that we can reduce the risk of someone using it maliciously.
▼   What if I purchased a new phone or device?

If you purchased a new smartphone or device to replace one currently being used as a 2FA device, please log in to your device management portal and add a new device. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

If you get a new phone, sign into the DUO Self management portal and select the ‘Phone Call’ secondary authentication option. Once signed in, select ‘Device Options’ under your device’s options and choose ‘Reactivate my device’ and follow the instructions provided. If your phone number has changed, please contact the helpdesk for further assistance.

▼   What if I have poor cellular signal in my area, can I still use DUO?
The DUO mobile app doesn’t require a wireless or data connection in order to generate passcodes
▼   What if I want to add a secondary authentication device?
Sign in to the self-management portal and select 'Add Another Device' under the available options. Follow the instructions presented to you on screen.