A Campaign for the University of South Alabama

About Upward & Onward

As the morning sun rises over the University of South Alabama’s campus, it causes us to instinctively raise our eyes to the horizon, and reflect for a moment on the promises of a new day. Within our field of vision, and far beyond where our eyes can see, are countless minds ready to be challenged, inspired and motivated. Each day, we are propelled — and compelled — to go above and beyond what is expected, to take control of our dreams and turn them into realities.

USA’S faculty are established scholars in the social sciences, technology, science, health, and the performing arts. Our alumni are leaders in business, education and healthcare. USA continues to pioneer research initiatives — from marine biology and cyber security to weather prediction and teacher education — that engage our students and enhance our community. And the USA Health System has become the backbone for care in our region, saving countless lives with innovative treatments for pervasive conditions such as stroke and cancer.

But our journey is far from complete. There are many more bright minds hoping for the opportunity to be challenged, to achieve their potential. There are more questions that need life-altering answers. There are more medical miracles to be discovered and more ways for patients to access the care that will lead to longer, healthier lives. There are more pathways through which we can reach out and engage our communities. By aiming higher and reaching farther than we ever have before, we will make an even bigger difference for our students, our communities and our world.

Upward & Onward is a $150-million fundraising campaign that will elevate and accelerate every aspect of the University of South Alabama — education, research, service, science, healthcare, economic development, athletics, and the arts and humanities. Our aspirations are bold, but they are within our reach. We will achieve our vision for the future through five focused priorities that form the components of the Upward & Onward Campaign. They are:

  • $56 million for Student Access and Success.
  • $10 million for the Enhancement of Research and Graduate Education
  • $3 million for Global Engagement
  • $18.5 million for Excellence in Healthcare
  • $7.5 million for University-Community Engagement

For more information, please view a copy of our Campaign Booklet.