Make Way for USA

Make Way for USA April 9 and 10, 2024


Give Early

Make Way for USA Giving Day

One day can make a huge impact on the lives of our students and patients. There are so many ways to support USA and USA Health on Make Way for USA giving day and gifts of all sizes are needed and greatly appreciated.

Make Way for USA starts at noon on April 9. For 24 hours, the entire USA community will come together to celebrate and support everything that makes South special. Mark your calendar now and plan to make a difference for USA and USA Health.

You can help Make Way for USA in two easy steps. First, spread the word and encourage others to participate. Then, on April 9-10, make a gift to support the part of USA that matters most to you!

▼   Become an Advocate!

The best way for you to make an impact on Make Way for USA is to encourage your friends and fellow alumni to join you in making a gift. Spreading the word is easy, fun and rewarding because you know precisely how many clicks, gifts and dollars your outreach is driving.

To become an Advocate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit, before April 2, 2024.
  2. Attend Zoom Training Session. By using the above link, you can schedule your zoom session.
  3. Create a Personal Plea. A Personal Plea is a video in which you tell your social media community why you’re supporting South on Make Way for USA Day and why they should, too. The most popular format for pleas is a simple, short video recorded on your cell phone-- no need to get fancy.
  4. Make a gift! The most effective advocates lead by example. You can also leverage your gift to encourage others to give.
  5. Share the campaign link -  The built-in sharing buttons will help us spread the word. Together, let's #MakeWayforUSA. Potential messaging for sharing the campaign link are listed below.
▼   Follow Our Social Media Channels

Join the Make Way for USA event on Facebook and follow the excitement on all of USA’s social media channels on Tuesday, April 9.


USA National Alumni Association

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 USA Health

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  • USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital Facebook @usacwhospital 
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  • USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute Facebook @mitchellcancer
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  • USA College of Medicine Facebook @usacollegeofmed
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▼   Sample Social Media Posts

Use these pre-written captions to post to your social media sites with our Make Way for USA graphics (below).


  • Mark your calendar for April 9 at noon and help #MakeWayforUSA. I’ll be supporting ____________ because ___________ and I hope you’ll join me in making a gift to USA! What can we accomplish together in 24 hours?
  • Don’t forget that #MakeWayforUSA starts at noon on April 9. For 24 hours, we’ll be celebrating and giving back to the University of South Alabama. You don’t want to miss out!


  • It’s time to #MakeWayforUSA! Join in on the fun by making a gift to the area of USA or USA Health that matters most to you.
  • Today I’m supporting ____________ because ____________. Join me by making a gift and let’s make a difference for USA and USA Health! #MakeWayforUSA


  • Thank you to everyone who participated in #MakeWayforUSA! I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the USA family!
▼   Social Media Graphics

Use these social media graphics to let your friends know about Make Way for USA on and before April 9





Use these Facebook and Instagram story graphics to let your friends know about Make Way for USA on and before April 9.




▼   Tips For a Great Video

The purpose of your Make Way for USA video is to make a connection with your audience and compel them to support our campaign. You’re not up for an Oscar. You don’t need to invest significant resources. So long as you follow the tips below, you’ll be well on your way to a great video!

Content Tips

  • Introduce yourself: Tell viewers who you are and your connection to the Make Way for USA campaign.
  • Make it personal and tell a story: Tell the viewer why you’re passionate about the University of South Alabama and why they should be, too.  Explain the goal of the campaign, why achieving that goal is worthy of their support and how the money raised will advance our cause.
  • Make an ask! Ask the viewer to contribute to Make Way for USA and to share it with friends.  The crisper and clearer the call-to-action, the more impactful it will be. Make sure to tell them to visit
  • Keep it snappy: People have short attention spans, so don’t lose potential supporters by dragging on.  We recommend that videos last no more than 60 seconds.  Even better—deliver your ask in the first 30-45 seconds.
  • Let your excitement shine through: The more enthusiastic you are, the more excited viewers will be. Bring some energy and don’t forget to smile!

Graphic showing you to hold your phone horizontally

Technical Tips

  • Hold your phone horizontally: If filming with your phone, hold it horizontally and not vertically.
  • Frame your shot: Film at eye-level or slightly above.  No one looks good from a low angle.
  • Use good light: Natural light is best, so go outside if you can.  A cloudy day is perfect for filming outside. If filming inside, light up the room as much as possible or film next to a sunny window.  The more light, the less grainy your footage will be.
  • Audio is important: Choose a quiet location to film so that your voice will be heard, not distracting background noise.
  • Keep the camera steady: If possible, use a tripod. If using your phone and filming yourself, use both hands to grip it and keep your elbows close to your body for more stability.