Information for Design Consultants and Construction Contractors

This section is intended to provide information to design professionals, contractors, and suppliers the information and requirements needed to do business with the University Engineering Design and Construction (EDC) department.

Design Consultants are selected based on experience with similar projects and professional qualifications. The EDC department will engage and coordinate the services of professional Architects and Engineers.

Firms offering related services such as surveying, geotechnical investigations, lighting, acoustical engineering, commissioning, etc. are also selected based on experience and qualifications. Firms interested in consideration for University projects should contact the EDC department.

All design drawings and specifications for construction, alteration, repair, expansion, addition or modification of facilities involving the practice of professional architecture or professional engineering shall be prepared by or under the direct supervision of a professional architect or professional engineer registered in the State of Alabama, in accordance with State of Alabama statutes.

University projects will comply with all current building codes as enforced by the Alabama Building Commission.

Construction contracts are awarded through competitive bidding to the lowest responsible bidder per state of Alabama Bid Law. Public works contracts are governed by Title 39 of the Code of Alabama.

Current projects bidding are listed on the University Purchasing Department. Recurring contracts are also available. These pages contain the documents and information for each Project.

The EDC department may pre qualify construction contractors for specific projects or specialties.

Available to design professionals and contractors is the University Design and Construction Standards and Procedures manual.  It is intended to provide guidelines for designing and constructing facilities for the University of South Alabama.  It is intended to set design, construction, maintainability, and operational parameters, as well as summarize information that may be unique to the University either by choice or by the specialized nature of the facility.

These standards provide one location and resource for use by architects, engineers, and interior designers (thereafter referred to as Design Professionals) and contractors and sub contractors to ensure the successful delivery of projects for the University of South Alabama.

An understanding of this information is essential for the successful completion of the consultant’s contract responsibilities.

For additional information contact:

Trent Davis
Assistant Director, Engineering, Design, and Construction
P: (251) 295-2581