Student Perceptions of Instruction (SPI)

Student Perceptions of Instruction are administered during the last two to three weeks of each semester. Students receive an email inviting them to participate in an evaluation for each course in which they are enrolled. 

Faculty, Departments, and Colleges are encouraged to evaluate the results and utilize data, as appropriate, to make improvements upon courses.

Modified Student Perceptions of Instruction (Spring 2020) ({PDF)

Survey of Student Perception of Instruction (PDF)

Lab Course Evaluation (PDF)

SPI Schedule

Student Evaluations of Teaching


AY 2017 Annual Response Rate Report


Response Rate Update for Spring 2015


Response Rate Update for Spring 2014

SET Resources


Improving Online Response Rates

Berk, R.A. (2012). Top 20 Strategies to Increase the Online Response Rates of Student Rating Scales”. International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning, 8(2). 98-107. 

The majority of USA courses are taught full-term and will follow the university level evaluation calendar. However, Colleges and Programs that offer accelerated courses may modify their Student Evaluations of Teaching schedule for courses other than full-term courses. Please speak with your instructor if you are enrolled in accelerated courses (e.g. Nursing) to be sure of your evaluation dates.

Students may also access their evaluations on USAonline by clicking the Course Evaluations button on the left of their screen.