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Prospective Online Students

The University of South Alabama participates in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA). As a member of NC-SARA, we can now offer fully online courses in any NC-SARA State and we are exempt in California.

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Supervised Field Experiences

NC-SARA also governs student placements in other States. Some academic programs or individual courses at The University of South Alabama may require internship/clinical placements and other supervised field experiences. Field experience placements may occur in states other than Alabama. As these placements are considered distance education, programs are required by NC-SARA to limit the number of students placed at one site as “no more than 10 students per academic program may be placed simultaneously at one clinical or practicum site.” 

Professional Licensure

If you are a prospective student considering enrolling in an academic program that may lead to a professional license or certificate which is regulated by a state board, we recommend that you contact the appropriate licensing body in your home state and practicing state for guidance BEFORE beginning an academic program at USA as licensure requirements may vary from state to state. 

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Online Programs

If you are interested in enrolling in one of USA’s online programs, please visit USA Online Programs

To view Student Policies and Complaints, visit the NC-SARA website for student complaint polices and procedures.

*Physical Presence in New York State:

It is our understanding that physical presence is triggered when any student is placed for an internship/clinical placement in New York. Therefore, as a requirement, we must have PRIOR approval from New York State Office of Professions in order to place students in New York for internships and/or clinical placements. To inquire of prior approval, please contact New York State Office of Professions at