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Happy Holidays! 

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate!  There are three winter holidays that are typically commemorated in the United States: Hanukkah (Dec. 18th-26th), Christmas (Dec. 25th), and Kwanzaa (Dec. 26th-Jan. 1st).  From the lighting of the National Tree and Menorah to the Seven Principles programs put on by the National Park Service, the U.S. has slowly evolved the way it has celebrated the December holiday season.  National traditions have grown to better acknowledge the diverse backgrounds of all Americans, creating a more inclusive history of everyone’s various holiday celebrations.

We invite you now to browse some of our department’s holiday resources and display as we celebrate the 2022 Holiday Season!  The display can be found at Marx Library on 2nd Floor South with a 4-page bibliography for additional information.

Holiday Gift Ideas from GPO Bookstore

Looking for gift ideas? You may want to consider looking at the U.S. Government Bookstore where there are a variety of books, periodicals, and posters.  A small selection of possible titles are given in a display in the Government Documents area on 2nd Floor South of Marx Library.  There is also a 4-page bibliography of the items displayed, including the stock number (S/N) and current price.  For additional options see the web site: 


Topics in the News -- Some recent reports from the Congressional Research Service:

Covert Action and Clandestine Activities of the Intelligence Community: Selected Definitions  (11/29/22)

SEC Jurisdiction and Perceived Crypto-Asset Regulatory Gap: An FTX Case Study  (11/29/22)

U.S. Periods of War and Dates of Recent Conflicts  (11/29/22)

What Happened at FTX and What Does It Mean for Crypto?  (11/29/22)

Student Loans: A Timeline of Actions Taken in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic  (11/28/22)

Defense Primer: Military Enlisted Personnel  (11/23/22)

Defense Primer: Military Officers  (11/23/22)

Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis in Ukraine  (11/23/22)

Survey of State Marriage Laws Related to Same-Sex Marriage  (11/22/22)

The Debt Limit  (11/22/22)

Litigating the January 6 Committee’s Subpoena to Former President Trump  (11/17/22)

State Laws Restricting or Prohibiting Abortion  (11/17/22)

Congressional Redistricting: Key Legal and Policy Issues  (11/16/22)

Migrant Arrivals at the Southwest Border:  Challenges for Immigration Courts  (11/16/22)

Recent Developments in Marijuana Law  (11/16/22)

The Biden Administration’s One-Time Student Loan Debt Relief Policy  (11/15/22)

Lame Duck Sessions of Congress, 1935-2020 (74th-116th Congresses)  (11/8/22)

Human Trafficking and U.S. Foreign Policy: An Introduction  (11/4/22)

Iran’s Transfer of Weaponry to Russia for Use in Ukraine  (11/4/22)

Voting Systems and Federal Law  (11/4/22)

Ukrainian Military Performance and Outlook  (11/3/22)

Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO)  (11/2/22)

Overview of Federal Criminal Laws Prohibiting Threats and Harassment of Election Workers  (11/1/22)

State Legislatures, State Courts, and Federal Elections: U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Moore v. Harper  (11/1/22)