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June is Gay Pride Month

The fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States has been decades long, and while that fight is still happening today on many levels, there are also a lot of wins to recognize as well.  Pride Month is an annual celebration of identity and community that is rich in a history of activism and courage.  While there were certainly many precursor moments, many view the 1969 Stonewall Riots to be the impetus for the Gay Liberation Movement in America, a movement that gave its all to create a more equal and just society for everyone, no matter their sexuality or gender identity.  On June 28, 1970, only a year after the first Stonewall demonstrations, the first pride parade took place during the Christopher Street Liberation Day celebration.  Hundreds of queer Americans took to the streets to commemorate those who had fought for their community, and while Pride has certainly grown in the years that have followed, it will always remain a holiday to honor those who have come before and continue after. 

We invite you now to browse some of our department’s LGBTQ+ resources and commemorative display as we celebrate Pride Month 2022! The display can be found at Marx Library on 2nd Floor South with a pamphlet and 10-page bibliography for additional information.

Also, to get more information, check out the U.S. Census Bureau's web site June 2022: By the Numbers for some statistical information on the subject.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a complex topic focusing on issues related to animal pain and suffering, the physical and emotional health of the animals, and the ability of animals to engage in normal, species-typical behaviors.  To address the legal issues related to this topic, the first Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was signed into law in 1966 and has been amended several times over the years.  This federal law established requirements concerning the transportation, sale, and handling of certain animals and includes restrictions on the importation of live dogs for purposes of resale, prohibitions on animal fighting ventures, and provisions intended to prevent the theft of personal pets.  Other laws, policies, and guidelines may include additional species coverage or specifications for animal care and use, but all refer to the Animal Welfare Act as the minimum acceptable standard.  The federal government has several agencies that focus and address issues concerning animal welfare.  

To see a sample of the many resources available, check-out the current display on Animal Welfare available on 2nd Floor South near the bridge to the north-side of the Marx Library.  In addition, there is a 12-page companion bibliography showing what we have available in the government documents collection.


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