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Celebrating Women's History Month 2023

March is Women’s History Month!  First designated in 1980 by former President Jimmy Carter, this month-long celebration is a time to honor the history of the Women’s Rights Movement and to recognize the many diverse experiences of women in America.  This year’s theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”, chosen as a way to highlight those both past and present, “who have devoted their lives and talents to producing art, pursuing truth, and reflecting the human condition decade after decade.” 

The Women’s Rights Movement was a social and political movement that aimed to lessen the gap between men and women in America.  While the U.S. has come a long way since its conception, people are still fighting for more equal rights for all Americans, namely contemporary activists are further advocating for issues like reproductive rights, racial justice, equal pay, and so much more.  Consequently, Women’s History Month remains a time to honor those who have come before and continue after.

We invite you to browse some of our department’s governmental resources in a commemorative display as we celebrate Women’s History Month 2023!  The display can be found at Marx Library on 2nd Floor South, with a pamphlet and a 7-page bibliography for additional information.


Sea Level Rise -- Coming soon to a coast near you

Climate change has made a substantial contribution to global mean sea level rise since 1900, contributing to a rate of rise that is greater than during any preceding century in at least 2,800 years.  Sea level rise is primarily driven by two factors related to climate change.  The first factor is “thermal expansion”, as ocean temperatures rise, the water expands.  The second factor is melting of land ice (ice sheets and glaciers), which adds water to the world’s oceans.  Sea level rise is not uniform across the globe.  Coastal communities are affected by their local sea level rise, which reflects global sea level rise, changes in local land elevation, tides and winds.  Sea level along the U.S. coastline is projected to rise, on average, 10-12 inches in the next 30 years (2020-2050).  This is on top of the 10-12 inches of rise that occurred over the past 100 years (1920-2020).  Sea level rise varies regionally along U.S. coasts because of changes in both land and ocean height.

For more information from the federal government, there is a display called Sea Level Rise on 2nd Floor South, near the library's south entrance.  Accompanying the display is a 10-page bibliography for government resources on the topic.


Topics in the News -- Some recent reports from the Congressional Research Service:

Afghanistan: Background and U.S. Policy  (2/28/23)

Navy Ship Names: Background for Congress  (2/28/23)

U.S. Intelligence Community Establishment Provisions  (2/28/23)

Constitutional Authority Statements: A Quick Guide  (2/27/23)

Monitoring the Sovereign Skies  (2/27/23)

U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine  (2/27/23)

East Palestine, OH, Train Derailment and Hazardous Materials Shipment by Rail: Frequently Asked Questions  (2/24/23)

Hate Crimes: Key Federal Statutes  (2/23/23)

Proposed Regulation of Gas Stoves  (2/23/23)

Regulating Federal Law Enforcement: Considerations for Congress  (2/23/23)

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC): An Overview  (2/23/23)

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC): Overview and Selected Issues for Congress  (2/23/23)

Policing the Police: Qualified Immunity and Considerations for Congress  (2/21/23)

The Appointment of Black U.S. Circuit and District Court Judges: Historical Overview and Analysis  (2/21/23)

Global Women’s Issues: Background and Selected U.S. Efforts  (2/17/23)

Taiwan: Political and Security Issues  (2/17/23)

The Purple Heart: Background and Issues for Congress  (2/17/23)

Congress and Law Enforcement Reform: Constitutional Authority  (2/15/23)

Cryptocurrency: Selected Policy Issues  (2/15/23)

Is ATF’s Bump-Stock Ban Lawful? Circuit Courts Are Split  (2/15/23)

Al Shabaab  (2/14/23)

Medication Abortion: New Litigation May Affect Access  (2/14/23)

Design of United States Paper Currency   (2/13/23)

Hypersonic Weapons: Background and Issues for Congress   (2/13/23)

Women’s History Month Speech Resources: Fact Sheet  (2/13/23)

The Animal Welfare Act: Background and Selected Issues  (2/8/23)

Birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington: Fact Sheet  (2/7/23)

Congress and Police Reform: Current Law  (2/7/23)

Congress and Police Reform: Recent Proposals  (2/7/23)

Electric Grid Physical Security: Recent Developments  (2/7/23)

Crypto and Banking: Policy Issues (2/6/23)

Rules and Statutes Relevant to Safeguarding Classified Materials  (2/3/23)

Supermajority Votes in the House  (2/3/23)

China Primer: U.S.-China Relations  (2/2/23)

The Protection of Classified Information: The Legal Framework  (2/2/23)