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Catch the jaguar spirit by transferring to USA! With our highly qualified faculty and over 100 majors to choose from, transferring to USA is a great choice for you.  Feel free to email with questions regarding transferring courses to USA. 

▼   General Transfer Credit Policy

The University of South Alabama transfer credit policy is designed to facilitate the transfer of students and their coursework from one college or university to another, assure the maximum utilization of work accomplished at another institution, and encourage students to advance toward graduation in four years.

The University of South Alabama accepts transfer work from regionally accredited post-secondary institutions. Incoming transfer coursework will be evaluated against the University of South Alabama bulletin in effect for the semester and year in which the student enrolls at the University. A University of South Alabama equivalent course, disciplinary elective or general elective will be assigned based on comparability of the course content.

▼   International Student Services  Transfer Credit Policy

All transcripts from institutions outside of the United States require a course-by-course evaluation which is conducted by a service affiliated with the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE). For a listing of NACES member organizations and their contact information, please visit  For a list of AICE-endorsed member organizations and their contact information, please visit

Students will be responsible for contacting their evaluation company of choice and requesting a course-by-course evaluation be sent to the University of South Alabama. All expenses related to the evaluation, including, but not limited to, any translation expenses, are the responsibility of the student requesting the evaluation.

Some evaluation companies offer discounts or other special benefits to potential University of South Alabama students. 

▼   USA Student Transient Policy

University of South Alabama students who plan to attend another college or university to take a course(s) for transfer to USA are considered transient students. A student must be in good academic standing (a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher) and submit a Transient Credit form to the University of South Alabama Registrar to take credit work as a transient student at another institution and have the credit applied toward their degree program at USA.

Students should use the USA Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to verify that the course(s) they wish to take will transfer to USA. Students should consult their advisor if uncertain of a course equivalency or an institution or course is not listed in the TES. Students should check with their academic advisor on transfer credit limitations.

Once the transient coursework is completed, the student must request that an official transcript be sent from the other institution to the University of South Alabama Registrar. This can be sent electronically through the National Student Clearinghouse or can be sent directly from the college or university. Information on this process can be found here:

Students do not need to submit a transient credit form if they have not been enrolled at the University for two or more consecutive terms (not including summer).

▼   Evaluation and Application of Transfer Credit

Students may view (see Quick Links) Area V requirements, STARS and Transfer Equivalency Tables for general knowledge of transfer credit accepted by the University. Transfer credit will be applied as appropriate to a student's degree program in the Degree Works audit system. The authority to apply transferred credit toward degree requirements rests with the student’s college of enrollment. USA will not accept transfer credits earned at other institutions during a period of time in which a student is on a mandatory academic suspension or dismissal as outlined in the undergraduate academic standing policy.

Check the Status of Transfer Credit Evaluation

Please make sure the Admissions Office has received transcripts from all institutions previously attended prior to Transfer Orientation and Advising. It is recommended that students also bring copies of their unofficial transcripts so that advisors may assist students with registration. 

An official evaluation of transfer credit will be completed once USA receives all final official documents and students can view transferred credit within 5 -7 business days via the unofficial transcript on PAWs.  

Alternative Credit

Students may earn alternative college credit from High School, Advanced Placement Program (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Military Service, International Baccalaureate (IB), GCE/A-Level Exams, Cambridge International Exams and Credit by Examination. No more than a combined total of 25% of the total credits required for the degree will be allowed for credit received through CLEP, AP, credit by examination, correspondence courses, military service school courses, and other approved non-collegiate-sponsored programs. Additionally, students who score a minimum ACT English score of 27 or SAT verbal score of 550 will be exempt from taking English 101. Official scores should be mailed to the Office of Admissions for exemption to be granted. In some major programs, the hours must be replaced with another course.


▼   English Composition I Exemption

Students who score a minimum ACT English score of 27 or SAT verbal score of 610 will be exempt from taking English 101. Official scores should be mailed to the Office of Admissions for exemption to be granted. In some major programs, the hours must be replaced with another course.

▼   Credit by Examination
A student may receive credit for a course by passing a locally prepared examination and by paying appropriate fees. (See “Credit by Examination”.)
▼   Reverse Transfer

Alabama Community Colleges

The University of South Alabama is a participant in the Reverse Transfer system with the National Student Clearinghouse. Reverse Transfer is for students who transferred to the University of South Alabama from a two-year institution prior to completing an Associate’s degree. The University of South Alabama credits are transferred back to the two-year institution for evaluation and determination of eligibility for an Associate’s degree. 

Incoming students consent to the transmission of their University of South Alabama record during the transfer admission application process. 

Not all two-year institutions participate in Reverse Transfer; however, many do such as those in the Alabama Community College system. It is solely the responsibility of the two-year institution to evaluate the student’s record and determine the student’s eligibility for the Associate’s degree. Students should contact the two-year institution directly with questions regarding eligibility, award dates, deadlines for receipt of degree, any associated fees, etc.

Other Partnerships

The University of South Alabama has Reverse Transfer agreements with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Pensacola State College, Jones College, Northwest Florida State College, and Auburn University School of Pharmacy.

Students who have questions about Reverse Transfer should contact the Office of the Registrar.