The duties, as defined by the Code-of-Laws, for the Appropriations Committee are:

306.1 The Appropriations Committee shall consist of eight (8) members: one chair and seven members.

306.1.1 The seven members shall be elected by majority vote of the Senate of the candidates nominated by their senatorial peers.

306.1.1.1 The seven members must be members of the Student Government Association Senate.

306.1.2 The Appropriations Committee Chair shall be the Comptroller as appointed by the Executive Council.

306.1.3 The chair shall not have voting powers on requests, only members of the Appropriations Committee shall hold voting powers regarding appropriations requests.

306.2 The Appropriations Committee shall have the responsibility to receive appropriations, supplemental travel grant, and co-sponsorship requests through SouthSync from registered/ official university student organizations; or departments in regards to supplemental travel grants.

306.2.1 The Appropriations Committee shall conduct hearings from student organization representatives in order to clarify, request more information for, etc. of the organization’s request packet.

306.2.1.1 Non-Appropriations Committee members shall not have voting powers on the organizations’ initial request packets. However, Senators may attend the Appropriations Committee hearings if they believe they will have valid input on the organizations’ request packets.

306.3 The Appropriations Committee Chair shall establish a meeting time of the Appropriations Committee and establish a hearing time for all non- mass approval financial request packets.

306.3.1 The Appropriations Committee Chair shall serve as the presiding officer of the Appropriations Committee.

306.3.2 The Appropriations Committee Chair shall maintain a journal of attendance for all Appropriations Committee members.

306.4 Any member of the Appropriations Committee, to include the Chair, having more than two unexcused absences in one semester from either Appropriations Committee meetings or hearings shall be expelled from the Appropriations Committee.

306.4.1 Absences that are automatically excused are illness (verified by a doctor’s excuse) and deaths in the family. All other absences are subject to the review of the Rules Committee


Appropriations Google Drive


Appropriations Chair:

Aaryan Piracha | Comptroller |

Appropriations Members:

Rebecca Clark | School of Computing Senator
Hank Rader | College of Business Senator
Hailey Kerstiens | College of Business Senator
Anita Nguyen | College of Allied Health Senator
Maddie Edgar | College of Allied Health Senator
Nicholas Coda Ramos | College of Allied Heath Senator
Taylor Shackelford | College of Arts and Sciences Senator