SGA Initiatives



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Hour GlassTextbook Lending Program
Making widely-used textbooks available to students for free

Hour GlassAddition of Post-Graduate Resources
Addition of test preparatory entrance exam books

Check MarkOperation Graduation
Funding limited undergraduate regalia for the student body

If you are interested in this FREE resource, click this link to access the Google form.

HourglassIncreasing Accessibility
Ensuring students know their voices are heard and needs are being addressed 

Hour GlassEnhancement of Dining Experience
Advocating for more dining options with the possible addition of food trucks on campus

HourglassIncreased Access to Menstrual Supplies
Supplying free menstrual products in every females' restroom on campus

Hour GlassSGA Community Outreach
Reaching out to local SGAs to connect and collaborate

Hour GlassListening Tours
Communicating with student organizations to connect with others and identify how SGA can help