Legal Affairs

The duties, as defined by the Code-of-Laws, for the Legal Affairs Committee are:

307.1 The Legal Affairs Committee shall have the sole responsibility for drafting additions or changes to the Student Government Association Constitution or the Code-of- Laws. Any senator may submit a bill or resolution to the Legal Affairs Committee and the committee must draft that bill or resolution in the correct format, according to Title III, Chapter 302.1, before it is advanced out of the committee. The committee must report any bill or resolution out of committee with a majority vote; otherwise the bill or resolution will die in committee. A senator may also submit their bill or resolution to the Senate in accordance with Title III, Chapter 302. 

307.2 The Legal Affairs Committee will be made up of five (5) senators: one chair and four members.

307.3 The Legal Affairs Committee Chair shall establish a meeting time of the committee, notify each member 48 hours in advance of meeting time, serve as the presiding officer of the committee and maintain a journal of attendance for the committee.

307.4 Any senator of the Legal Affairs Committee, including the Chair, having more than three unexcused absences in one semester or more than five absences in one term shall be expelled.

307.5 Automatically excused absences will include illness (verified by a Doctor’s excuse) and deaths in the family. All other absences are subject to the review of the Rules Committee.

307.6 The Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee is responsible for recording all additions or changes to the SGA Constitution or Code-of-Laws on the master copy of the SGA Constitution and Code-of-Laws and reproducing the new SGA Constitution and Code-of- Laws for the Senate.


Legal Affairs Google Drive

Legal Affairs Chair:

KC Crusoe | College of Arts and Sciences |

Legal Affairs Members:

Kyle Morgan | College of Education and Professional Studies

Gabrielle Tumbleston | College of Arts and Sciences

Andrew Parton | College of Arts and Sciences