Student Affairs

The duties, as defined by the Code-of-Laws, for the Student Affairs Committee are:

310.1 The Student Affairs Committee shall have the sole responsibility to be familiar with the needs of students, to occasionally hold hearings on student needs, and offer suggestions to the University or the vice President of Student Affairs when requested or required.

310.2 The Student Affairs Committee will plan spirit development initiatives that increase student pride in the University of South Alabama.

Student Affairs Chair:

Maddie Edgar | Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health |

Student Affairs Members:

Megan Wright | School of Computing

Myra Bajwa | College of Arts and Sciences

Hannah Cameron | College of Education and Professional Studies

Katlyn Pardue | College of Nursing

Kaitlyn Knight | College of Arts ad Sciences

Bria Alford | College of Engineering

Junseo Park | College of Education and Professional Studies