What We Do

As the Student Government Association, we strive to create a better student experience through implementing new initiatives, supporting other organizations, and improving our respective colleges through senate projects.


President Round Tables

President's Round Tables

President Round Tables are an interactive leadership meeting series hosted by SGA and Student Activities. These meetings aim to assist in the development and guidance of our student organization leaders. A variety of topics such as marketing, recruitment, and how to have an effective relationship with your advisor are discussed at every session. These sessions are offered three to four times per semester in the student center and are highly recommended. For more information about President Round Tables or to give a suggestion for our next topic please contact the SGA Student at Large (sga.studentatlarge@southalabama.edu).

Homecoming Jungle


The most celebrated and spirited event of the year! Homecoming encompasses all facets of university life during one week in the Fall semester. The spirit contest, Homecoming Court elections, Fun Fest, major step show, and much more all lead to Saturday’s big football game at Hancock Whitney. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement! For homecoming events and information check the Daily Digest or SGA's social media pages! 

Parking Ticket Forgiveness Day

Parking Ticket Forgiveness Day

SGA strives to promote positivity around the issue of parking, while helping the local community. Currently enrolled students have a chance to have one parking tickets dismissed per semester in exchange for doing good for the community. Each semester SGA picks a charity within the surrounding community and collects items that the charity needs. Students must bring supplies appropriate to the charity from the approved list to have the ticket removed from their student record. PTFD information will be posted on SGA's social media pages each semester. 

Firsty Year Council


First Year Council is a group of approximately 25 first year students who strive to be a voice for all first year students at South. FYC members are chosen annually through an application process that typically opens in July of every year. Working hand in hand with SGA, FYC seeks to empower first year students, help first year students grow as leaders, and provide first year students with a voice. Through FYC, you can form lasting connections with key administration officials, SGA members, and your fellow classmates. FYC meetings are held on Thursdays at 6pm in room 203 at the Student Center and all students are encouraged to attend! 

Delta Dorms

Lighting Tours

Join our Campus Safety and Improvement committee on a Lighting Tour this semester to better understand ways to make our campus safer and have an active role in preventing danger. These tours are led by university officials accompanied with SGA members and other students to help find areas that could use improvement around campus. These lighting tours help South students maintain an active role in the development of our university. Information about upcoming Lighting Tours can be found on the USA SGA Instagram: @USA_SGA. 

Week of Welcome

Week of Welcome (WOW)

USA hosts a full week of exciting activities and helpful resources immediately following move-in day each semester known as Week of Welcome. The purpose of WOW is to ensure that incoming freshmen and transfer students feel welcomed and to provide them with connections to people, places and groups that will make sure their time at South is spectacular! WOW features a variety of different events, depending on the semester. WOW gives new students a glimpse into the multitude of activities that South has to offer and allows them the chance to get involved! Week of Welcome continues to grow every year, with bigger and better events!

Town Hall

Meet & Greets

Each semester, senators from every college hold a Meet & Greet. Meet & Greets are a great opportunity for senators to get to know the peers that they represent. Typically, senators are present within their college to answer any questions and listen to students voice their opinions, concerns or ideas. These events often provide food or other freebies, so make sure you stop by! Meet & Greets are a great way to get to know your senators and what they can do for you.

SGA with Police Officers

Campus Connections

Each semester, the Student Affairs committee hosts a multitude of events allowing students a chance to voice their concerns and ideas. One annual event is a lunch with the University President and other university officials. These events offer students a causal atmosphere to create personal relationships with the University’s administration. In the past, we have had, "Java with Jo." These events are held at various locations around campus and are advertised via the SGA's social media pages or the Daily Digest. 


USA Students at Higher Education Day

Higher Ed Day

Higher Ed Day occurs once during the Spring semester where students from South are able to travel to our state capitol in Montgomery and gather with students from other public universities. The purpose of this event is to advocate for more government funding for higher education. In the weeks leading up to Higher Ed Day, SGA hosts several events to get students involved with the Higher Education partnership. One of the events is a rally where students come to get excited for Higher Ed Day and listen to Montgomery leaders. If you would like to know more about Higher Ed Day, or want to find out how you can get involved, please contact our Attorney General.