Respondent Resources

At each stage of the Complaint Resolution Procedures (interviews, meetings, hearings, etc.), Respondents may be accompanied by a support person of their choice. The University has a pool of trained support persons, referred to as Respondent Resources, who are available to serve as support persons for respondents.

Respondent Resources MUST be requested through the Title IX Coordinator.

For students:

James Contratto
Associate Director, Student Activities, University Programs/Jaguar Productions
Student Center Operations
SC 130

Robert Charlebois
Transfer Coordinator
Director, Office of Adult Learner Services
UCOM 3700

Daniel McCarthy
Deputy Athletic Director
Department of Athletics
6001 USA Dr. South, Ste. 35, AA

For Faculty, Staff, Administrators, others:

Greg House
Lead Clinical Apps Coordinator - Radiology/PACS/RIS Administrator
Health System Information Tech.
Office Location:  University Hospital

Dr. Silas Leavesley
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
SHEC 4129

Dr. Husam Omar
Associate Professor
Civil/Coastal/Environ Engineering
SHEC 3113

Vincent Walker
Geographic Info System Spec
Space Management
AD 001