Violence Prevention Alliance

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The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) is a volunteer-based interest group of campus and community leaders who are dedicated to:

  • Promoting efforts to prevent victimization of USA students, faculty, staff and community members
  • Identifying appropriate interventions aimed at reducing violence
  • Providing educational programs that address violence in our community

Providing educational opportunities is an integral component to our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and sustain a collaborative, comprehensive community effort in reducing and eliminating violence, particularly sexual victimization and harassment. 

Signature Programs

Bro Code:  A bystander intervention program for students that identify as male that is centered around healthy relationships and sexual assault prevention with free food and t-shirts and more. 

Girls' Night Out: A four night conversational program for students that identify as female centered around healthy relationships, personal safety, communication, and self-esteem with prizes, free food, t-shirts and more. 

Group of girls at Girls Night Out Event

The Escalation Workshop is an all gender inclusive event to raise awareness on relationship violence. This is a powerful, film-based workshop that opens people's eyes to the warning sigs of relationship abuse. This workshop is a program of the One Love Foundation, the national leader in educating about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Student working at tables in escalation workshop

Some Examples of Past Programs:

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month: a month long program during October of every year that engages the conversation for domestic violence awareness and prevention. 
  • Not On Our Campus: Violence Prevention Forum: a community forum with a panel of local experts that allowed student and faculty and staff an outlet to discuss current events and violence prevention. 
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month: a month long program during April of every year that engages the conversation about sexual assault prevention. 
  • The Clothesline Project: a national project that bears witness to violence against women and allows survivors and community members the opportunity to create t-shirts that are empowering and create awareness. 
  • Unblur the lines: an active consent conversation that was hosted during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 
  • Domestic Violence 101: a training session helping to connect students to information around Domestic Violence hosted with the Penelope House and Counseling and Testing Services. 
  • Walk Out Against Sexual Violence: a community walk on campus to raise awareness regarding sexual violence. 
  • Perk Up and Speak Out Against Sexual Violence: a sexual assault awareness event offering a cup of coffee and information/resources. 

The VPA is open to all faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students at the University of South Alabama. To learn more about participating, email the VPA Chair

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