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About the Major

The program prepares non-teacher certificate students for health-related roles in community, medical, workplace and university settings. Students learn to assess individual and community needs as well as plan and implement health education-related programs and services.

Jobs in Health/Health Promotion

  • Community health or public health educator
  • Parks and recreation administrator
  • Medical salesperson
  • Wellness center director
  • Athletics coach

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Health Major Prepares Students for a Variety of Careers

Amelia Stephenson

What she learned majoring in health at the University of South Alabama set up Amelia Stephenson for both a career and a beneficial lifestyle.

“Going to South with the major that I did opened up my eyes to seeing that being healthy goes beyond just exercising and eating right,” she said.

South’s department of health, kinesiology and sport offers three Bachelor of Science degrees in health. Two are designed for elementary or secondary school teachers. Stephenson’s major, focusing on health promotion, is for those who want to work in health and wellness outside the classroom.

Stephenson came to South from Prattville, Alabama, just north of Montgomery. She played clarinet in the Jaguar Marching Band for a semester, then served as student manager of the soccer team the rest of her time at South. Among other things, she analyzed energy expenditure data from the GPS trackers the players wore (high school knee injuries hobbled her own soccer career).


“Going to South with the major that I did opened up my eyes to seeing that being healthy goes beyond just exercising and eating right.”


For her major, she studied everything from exercise science and public health administration to psychology and sociology. Outside the classroom, she did an internship with a physical therapy rehabilitation program for cardiac patients.

After graduating, she moved to the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area as a health and nutrition coach. Then she joined a physiotherapy clinic, helping physical therapists with client exercise programs.

She hoped eventually to transition into a public health position. “I think the major that I picked was a way to broaden your horizons into the world of health and give you an overall education that you can take in multiple directions,” she said, “which I’ve already done.

“With my classes and everything I was involved in at South, I feel like I was set up for success.”

Did You Know?

  • Coursework can cover personal and community health, nutrition, safety education, human anatomy and physiology, drug education, psychology, environmental science and sociology. 
  • Partnerships with the University athletics program and the Sun Belt Conference provide opportunities for students to explore potential careers in coaching, sport management, and parks and recreation.
  • The program requires an internship or field experience. Internship possibilities include county health departments, hospitals, wellness facilities and other health-related settings. Opportunities are also available to study abroad.



Dr. Caitlyn Hauff
Assistant Professor, Advisor
Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport
(251) 460-7698

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