Sport Management and Recreation Studies Major


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About the Major

This major prepares students for positions in sport and recreation organizations of all types, from management or marketing agencies and corporate wellness programs to collegiate and professional teams. The curriculum emphasizes service learning and practical experiences.

Jobs in Sport Management and Recreation Studies

  • Pro sport executive
  • Collegiate athletic program or conference administrator
  • Park and recreation official
  • Merchandise/apparel/equipment company manager
  • Sports marketing executive

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Triple Jumper Plans for Career in Sports Management

Aryn McDowell

Aryn McDowell competed with the track and field team at South, where she enrolled in sport management and recreation studies, but she imagined a future where she’d be working for a football team.

“I’ve always wanted to work with something I’m interested in,” she said. “I’ve watched football since I was a baby — my dad and my brother had it on every TV in the house — so something in football management would be great. Game day planning, travel planning, preparing for Saturday nights.”

McDowell keeps busy with classes, training and organizations such as Women of Excellence and Campus Outreach. She also got a job as a fitness instructor at barre3, which gave her some business experience.


“I got to see how to manage an organization.”


“I was pretty much the only person on the front desk during COVID, so I got to work closely with the owner,” she said. “I got to see how to manage an organization.”

As a triple jumper, McDowell took first place in the 2020 Jaguar Opener. In 2021, she struggled with nagging injuries and pain in her knees, hips and back. She keeps her schedule busy, and organized. Google Calendar is the color-coded planner of her college life.

“Red is class, blue is track,” she said, swiping through a display. “Orange is barre3. Yellow is anything to do with Bible study, and purple is anything to do with Women of Excellence. I still do some babysitting — that’s gray. And I work with an organization called Girls With a Vision, and I put that in pink.”

Did You Know?

  • Students have internship opportunities at community sport organizations, outdoor coastal activity organizations, NCAA athletics programs and minor league baseball teams.
  • Instruction mixes traditional class formats with blended (face-to-face plus electronic learning) courses. 
  • Service learning opportunities within almost every class in the major allow for real-world experience, networking and resume building.  



Dr. Brooke Forester
Associate Professor
Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport
(251) 460-6731

Curriculum and Degree Requirements