50 Years of Archaeology at South

Between 1970 and 2020, University of South Alabama archaeologists—faculty, staff, students, and volunteers—carried out more than 1,250 research projects. Some of these projects contributed profoundly to our understanding of life in this region from ancient times to the present. To celebrate 50 years of archaeology at the University of South Alabama, the Center for Archaeological Studies and the University’s Archaeology Museum present this preview of a few of our most informative projects, a sample of our Greatest Hits.

The extraordinary results of 50 years of archaeological research in southwest Alabama and adjacent areas have transformed our knowledge of human history on the Gulf coast. Hundreds of sites have been found and investigated, with some of the most significant now preserved for the future. Over the last five decades, archaeologists at the University of South Alabama have worked hard to raise the public’s awareness and appreciation of this region’s rich archaeological heritage and the information it provides about how humans have lived in this landscape for thousands of years. The future promises even greater discoveries.

We invite you to explore and engage with some of these sites in this virtual exhibit preview, released in anticipation of an in-person exhibit at the Archaeology Museum in the Fall of 2021. 

Click here to view the exhibit!