Vision, Mission, Commitments and Values

children and adults viewing artifacts on display in museum

We Hope

  • We envision a world better able to meet the needs of our time by building a more comprehensive understanding of our origins.

  • We aspire to build a more tolerant and open-minded society through an inclusive and far-reaching understanding of our past.

  • We seek to be a resource and asset to the people of Alabama while serving as a Gulf Coast beacon for making archaeology matter.

We Do 

The University of South Alabama’s Archaeology Museum fuels public curiosity, awareness and appreciation for the region’s past, and its relevance today through exhibitions, education, and public programming.
  • Linking Past, Present, and People: the Museum creates an environment where individuals can experience authentic cultural materials and connect generations, cultures, and communities, inspiring them to become more informed about the region’s past, understand various perspectives, and engage citizens.
  • We are committed to contributing to the education of the University of South Alabama students, to serving people of all ages throughout the region, to making archaeology relevant to regional and global concerns.

We Believe

The museum values inclusion, integrity, diversity, collaboration and healthy relationships. We expressly champion:
  • a supportive, diverse, and healthy work environment

  • scientific and ethical integrity

  • highest standards of preservation of collections

  • excellence in interpretive exhibits

  • effective communication with our public about the region’s cultural heritage

  • forward-looking programming that is inclusive, engaging, thought-provoking, and relevant 

  • commitment to all ages and intergenerational interaction

  • service to the University of South Alabama community

  • holistic approach to content thru interdepartmental collaborations.