About the Logins Pages

The University Logins pages collect into one location many of the most-used University applications. For your convenience, we provide separate Student and Faculty/Staff views.

Navigating the Logins page

Popular Applications

In the center of the page are icons for selected “Popular Applications”. Clicking on one of these icons will take you directly to the login process for that application.

A-Z Indexes

Additional applications can be found in the comprehensive “All Applications A-Z” Index. Depending on your view, you will also find either “Student Applications A-Z” or “Faculty/Staff Applications A-Z”, which are subsets of All Applications. These Indexes may be selected from the left navigation when viewed by a computer, or from the page menu if using a mobile device.

For each application, the indexes display a login link and whether it uses JagNet SSO, JagNet, or a completely separate authentication method.  An information link is also provided for most applications. 

Login Methods

Nearly all of the applications displayed here use either JagNet  or JagNet SSO  for authentication. The “Applications A-Z" indexes show which methods are used. Once you have authenticated to a JagNet SSO system, you will not need to re-enter your password information if you go to another SSO system during the same browser session.

Getting Help with Applications

If you are having a problem with a specific application, we suggest you start by checking the information link in Applications A-Z.

If you are having problems with JagNet or JagNet SSO, please check out the JagNet support pages. These are always reachable by selecting “JagNet” and then “Help” from the top navigation of the main web server, but for your convenience, here is a direct link: https://www.southalabama.edu/services/jagnet/ 

JagNet is supported by the Computer Services Center Help Desk, reachable by calling (251) 460-6161 or emailing helpdesk@southalabama.edu .

Bookmarking Applications and Logins

We advise that you NOT bookmark individual login links. These are subject to change. Instead, bookmark the Logins page itself. Although this may add one extra step, it ensures you have the correct link for future access.

For your convenience, here are the direct links for these pages:

Logins - Student View                   https://www.southalabama.edu/services/logins/students/
Logins - Faculty & Staff View      https://www.southalabama.edu/services/logins/faculty-staff/

Guidance to Webmasters

It is acceptable to include links to the Logins pages (either Student or Faculty & Staff, or even the root Logins page. However, you should NOT select links for individual applications from either the logins pages or once logged into an application. As noted above, these links are subject to change. In addition, the particular link you arrive at once authenticated might not even be repeatable, particularly if it is a Single Sign-On authentication.

Contact Web Services if you have any questions on this matter.