Certified Medicaid Provider

CSHI provides highly effective solutions to medical providers through a unique relationship with the Alabama Medicaid Agency and historical medicaid data sets including prescriptions, diagnoses, and treatments.

Solutions can include:

  • providing a comprehensive look at a patient’s medical history for physicians
  • identifying patients who have a higher chance of visiting the ER

With proper physician consultation, this relationship with Medicaid can help improve the quality of care for patients.


Data Analytics/Business Intelligence

The shifting landscape of healthcare policy and practice has created a vital need for healthcare data analytics. At CSHI, we are focused on value as well as volume of care, using a vast library of algorithms and APIs to statistically model and characterize population health-level clinical outcomes based on a number of demographic factors, such as management of chronic conditions, population health surveys, EHR/EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and ADT (Admissions, Discharges, Transfers).


Software Development

CSHI offers efficient and tailored software development services to improve patients’ quality of care. Using current technologies, CSHI can develop mobile or web applications to display and organize historical or real-time clinical data. Because CSHI is also a Certified Medicaid Provider, CSHI can utilize Medicaid data sets to enhance software depth and accuracy. RMEDE™ remote patient monitoring, a web application developed by CSHI, uses real-time patient monitoring to offer physicians a more granular look at their patients’ health. By simply using their phone, patients may report their vital stats and symptoms from the comfort of their own homes, to be personally monitored by their physician, who will intervene and provide clinical guidance when needed.


Clinical Support

More often than not, simple logistical bottlenecks or clerical overhead can negatively impact the quality of care a patient receives while at their doctor’s office. CSHI can work with clinics experiencing such problems to develop solutions that alleviate the bottlenecks and improve physicians’ workflows as well as patient experiences. This may be done through the development of new clinical software by CSHI, or simply through the implementation of existing tools and technologies. CSHI has an extensive knowledge base of clinical workflow and can apply this experience in industry savvy ways to help clinics excel.