ALREC’s trusted advisors help providers in Alabama select, implement and become meaningful users of certified electronic health record technology.

We tailor our services for each individual practice based on needs and preferences, software/hardware capabilities, and help bridge the gap between technology and healthcare delivery making information technology work for you. We are physician and patient advocates assisting through the continuous changes in healthcare to help ease the burden of regulations and requirements allowing you to focus on patient care.

ALREC offers guidance from adopting new technologies, EHR implementation, workflow processes and improvement, EHR usability, Meaningful Use to MACRA and beyond.

▼   MACRA: MIPs & APM Consulting Services

MACRA is the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 signed into law in April of 2015. The goal is to tie Medicare payments to quality or value. CMS will focus on provider incentives, care delivery and information sharing to achieve better care, smarter spending and healthier people. Two payment models presented in MACRA: alternative payment models (APMs) and the merit based incentive payment systems (MIPS). At this time, only MIPS is available for most Alabama providers.

The Alabama Regional Extension Center (ALREC) strives to help providers thrive rather than suffer throughout the MIPS program. There is an extensive need for providers to be well educated on MACRA in its entirety. Our ability to receive new information and quickly interpret the constantly changing rules is a solution for the providers in Alabama.

As Trusted Advisors we offer unique solutions to our providers that allow us to guide them through the process of selecting the appropriate measures and meeting the requirements enabling them to achieve the highest Composite Performance Score (CPS) possible, thereby minimizing the risk of obtaining a penalty in 2019 and beyond.

ALREC continues to offer Meaningful Use consulting to Medicaid providers and now offers MACRA consulting services for Medicare providers. ALREC memberships include Meaningful Use & MACRA consulting services and attestation support. Other services included in the membership are periodic newsletters, educational webinars, audit preparation, website access to additional educational materials and updates, online meetings, remote access and desktop sharing, telephone and email support.

▼   Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Consulting

We provide extensive education and multiple tools on the rules and regulations of the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program along with security risk analysis and audit documentation and preparation.

For Medicaid providers that have 30% Medicaid population, we will collaborate with Medicaid, your EHR vendor, billing team, and office staff to produce the proper practice management reports to ensure you have the provider and practice qualifications for the chosen incentive route within the EHR Incentive Program.

At the Alabama Regional Extension Center, we realize that most practices may have providers participating in different years of the EHR Incentive Program. We develop a Meaningful Use plan and timeline; while tracking each provider’s progress to assure a successful Meaningful Use attestation for all eligible providers in your practice.

▼   Chronic Care Management

In January 2015, Medicare authorized new CPT Code 99490 for Chronic Care Management and reimburses providers up to $42.60 ($41.80 for Alabama providers) per patient per month for doctors whose staff spends at least 20 minutes monitoring or coordinating care for Medicare patients with two or more chronic diseases.

Monitored patients are shown to live longer, have fewer hospitalizations and achieve a higher quality of life. With proper chronic care management, providers can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction with proactive remote monitoring. Providing better outcomes for patients is enough but it gets even better. With CCM, providers are also able to earn additional revenue through Medicare and several other payers such as Aetna, Humana, United and Coventry. With increasing penalties and decreasing reimbursements, this revenue might be the difference between success and failure for some practices. As MARCA rolls out, CCM also helps meet part of the measure for clinical practice improvement. Providing better care for patients while earning additional revenue – well, that is the best of both worlds.

We have partnered with ChronicCareIQ and are excited to offer the ChronicCareIQ platform as an additional service line. This solution fits into your current workflow, uses existing staff and eliminates manual CCM management and time tracking.

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