Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services

Important Information

Students must be within two (2) courses of completing all general education requirements before applying to the Bachelor of Science in EMS program.


Program Information

The Department of EMS Education offers the Bachelor's of Science degree in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for students interested in a career in pre-hospital medicine and EMS management.  As the field of EMS continues to grow and change, leaders and educators with a background in emergency medicine are needed to help shape the future of pre-hospital medicine and healthcare.  This program is designed to prepare students for the clinical and administrative challenges of a career in Emergency Medical Services and healthcare in the 21st century.


The University of South Alabama is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  The Department of EMS Education's Paramedic program is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions (CoEMSP).

Admission to the University

Criteria for general admission of EMS students to the University are the same as those for all students.  Please consult with the University's Admission's office for more information about admission policies and procedures.

Admission to the Professional Component

All students are required to fulfill a 41 semester hour General Education Core and a 22 semester hour Pre-professional Core as outlined in the curriculum below. After successfully completing these courses, students may then apply to the department for entry into the professional component. Requirements for admission to the professional component are the following:

  1. Students must have completed ALL general education requirements prior to applying for admission.
  2. Submission of a completed application by the semester deadline. Application must include a $50.00 non-refundable application fee.
  3. Successful completion of a state-approved (meeting DOT guidelines) or nationally accredited paramedic education program.
  4. Evidence of either a current paramedic license (in USA) or national registry certification (in good standing).
  5. Minimum GPA of 2.0 in all pre-requisite courses and a minimum University GPA of 2.0.
  6. Drug test and background check required. Admission contingent upon a negative drug screen and satisfactory background check.

Click for Application for Admission.

Paramedic to BS in EMS Track

Students who have already completed their paramedic education at another institution and who have maintained their license in good standing may apply to the department's Paramedic to BS in EMS Track. This special track allows licensed paramedics an opportunity to reach educational goals without the unnecessary repetition of courses or clinical experiences already undertaken as a paramedic student.  This track requires the student to complete a 6 semester hour bridge course during the EMS Core.  After successfully completing the course, the student can obtain up to 40 semester hours of credit for their previous clinical education as a paramedic student.  These credits may be applied towards the Paramedic Core requirements in the curriculum.  For more information about this special track, please call our office at (251) 461-1832.

Bachelor's Degree Curriculum

Download a copy of the BS degree curriculum here: BS Degree Curriculum.

General Education Core – 41 Semester Hours

Written Communications  (6)

English - EH 101 3
English - EH 102 3

Humanities and Fine Arts  (12)

Public Speaking - CA 110 3
1Fine Arts Elective 3
1Literature I 3
1Literature II* 3
1Humanities Elective  

Natural Sciences and Math  (11)

Math - MA 110 3
1Lab Science 4
1Lab Science 4

History, Social/Behavioral Sciences  (12)

Psychology - PSY 120 3
Sociology - SY 109 or SYS 112 3
1History I 3
1History II* 3
1Social Science Elective  

*Must complete either a series of two semesters of Literature or series of two semesters of History.

CLEP Information
CLEP Required Scores

Questions?  Contact Jason Brooks,, BS Degree Program Director/Advisor

Pre-Professional Core – 17 Semester Hours

EMT & other Pre-Prof. Core

EMS 112: EMT 6
EMS 115: EMT Clinical Internship 1
EMS 113: EMT Lab 1


MGT 300: Management Theory 3
EMS 210: Medical Terminology 3
EMS 200: Human Sys. & Patho 3

General Education and Pre-Prof Core Total:  58 Hours

Note: Students must complete EMS 112, EMS 113, and EMS 115 prior to beginning the Paramedic Core.

Pass CIS010 Exam or must take approved CIS course (CIS150)

Professional Component

Paramedic Core – 40 Semester Hours

EMS 140: Advanced EMT 6
EMS 141: Advanced EMT Lab 1
EMS 143: Advanced EMT Clinical 2
EMS 212: Foundations of Paramedicine 3
EMS 214: Paramedic EKG 3
EMS 216: Paramedic Assessment & OPS 3
EMS 217: Paramedic Clinical Internship I 3
EMS 240: Special Populations 3
EMS 242: Paramedic Emergency Care I 3
EMS 244: Paramedic Emergency Care II 3
EMS 245: Paramedic Skills Lab 1
EMS 247: Paramedic Clinical Internship II 2
EMS 295: Paramedic Field Internship 6
EMS 297: Comprehensive Review & Exams 1

Note:  The Paramedic Core at the University of South Alabama consists of 40 semester hours as shown above.  Students who have already completed their paramedic training at another institution can satisfy the academic requirements of this Paramedic Core by ensuring the following prior to entry into the EMS baccalaureate degree program:

  • provide evidence of successful completion of a nationally accredited or state approved (Alabama) paramedic program; and
  • provide evidence of a current state paramedic license or national certification; and
  • submit an official transcript or documentation which  indicates the successful completion of at least 32 semester hours of credit (or its equivalent); and
  • successfully complete a 6 semester hour bridge course designed for students in the Paramedic to BS in EMS Track (see below).
  • transfer credit must be reviewed and approved by the University and the Department of EMS Education prior to admission to the professional component.


Emergency Medical Services Core – 28 Semester Hours

EMS 310: Introduction to EMS System 3
EMS 315: EMS Administration 3
EMS 320: EMS Law/Legal Issues 3
EMS 325: Instructional Methods in EMS 3
EMS 340: Disaster Mgt. & Event Planning 3
EMS 475: EMS Internship 3
EMS 440: Health Ins/Managed Care in EMS 3
EMS 445: EMS Research 3
EMS 460: Issues and Trends in EMS 3
EMS 495: Comp. Review/Exams 1
-   PLUS -  
#EMS 410: Bridge or 6 hrs from Para Core 6

Paramedic Core and EMS Core Total:  68 Hours


#Paramedic to BS in EMS Track students must take a six (6) credit hour bridge course under the EMS Core after admission to the professional component. 

Fine Arts Elective – 1 course
ARH 100, 103, 123, ARS 101, DRA 110, or MUL 101

Literature Elective* - 1 course
EH 215, 216, 225, 226, 235, or 236

Humanities Elective* - 1 course
AFR 101, AIS 105, ARH 100, 103, 123, ARS 101, 121, 123, 124, DRA 110, EH 215, EH 216, 225, 226, 235, 236, LG 211, 212, 231, 232, 251, 252, 271, 272, LGS 202, 206, LGS 207, 221, 222, 241, 242, MUL 101, PHL 110, 121, 131, 231, or 240

History Elective* – 1 course
HY 101, 102, 135, or 136

Lab Science - 2 courses
BLY 101/101L, 102/102L, 122/122L
CH   101/101L, 103/103L,  131/131L, 132/132L,  141/141L
GEO 101/101L, 102/102L
GY   111, 112;  PH 101, 114, 115, 201, 202

Social Science Elective* - 1 course
AIS 201, AN 100, 101, CA 100, 211, ECO 215, 216, GEO 114, 115, HY 101, 102, 135,
HY 136, IS 100, PSC 130, PSY 121, 250, SY 112

*Must complete a 2 course sequence in Literature or History
Acceptable sequences are:
EH 215 and 216 or EH 225 and 226 or EH 235 and 236 or
HY 101 and 102 or HY 135 and 136

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Core Schedule

Students may enter the Bachelors Degree EMS Core each semester. The Department offers the EMS Core classes fully online and also in an executive weekend format, with classes meeting for four weekend sessions per semester.  Classes are instructed in online or weekend blended format.  Check with the department for the specific weekend dates which will become available approximately 8 weeks before the beginning of the semester.

EMS Core Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for all EMS Core classes in the BS Degree Program can been viewed here: EMS Core Classes.

Tuition and Fees

Students are responsible for payment of all tuition and fees according to University policies and procedures.  Tuition and fees are set by the University of South Alabama, upon approval of the Board of Trustees.  For current information on tuition and fees, please refer to the University’s Admission’s office.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for eligible students.  Interested applicants should contact the University’s Financial Aid Office.

Contact Information

University of South Alabama
Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health Professions
Department of Emergency Medical Services
600 Clinic Drive – Suite 400
Mobile, AL  36688-0002
(251) 461-1832

BS Degree Program Director/Advisor
Jason Brooks