Student Organizations

Epsilon Mu Sigma and USA Rescue Squad emblems

Epsilon Mu Sigma

The Epsilon Mu Sigma student organization was initiated at The University of South Alabama in 1999. It is not part of any national organization, but is comprised of students in the Emergency Medical Services programs at the University. Sanctioned through the University's Division of Student Affairs, Epsilon Mu Sigma is one of 200 student organizations at The University of South Alabama. Through the years Emergency Medical Services students, through the Epsilon Mu Sigma organization, have participated in collegiality events in support of area charities and University functions. Participation has particularly increased in the years since the initiation of the University of South Alabama Football Program.

University of South Alabama Rescue Squad

The USA Rescue Squad is a service-based student organization based on main campus and comprised of students who have residence on main campus or who are available there for purposes of medical response to emergencies occurring on the campus. The USA Rescue Squad was initiated in 2009 due to interest in providing the service by EMS students who lived or who took classes on main campus. The USA Rescue Squad is projected to grow significantly once the Department of Emergency Medical Services is relocated on main campus.