Emergency Medical Services Faculty and Staff


Charlie Erwin
Charlie Erwin, Ed.D., NRP
Department Chair;
Interim Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs;
EMS/BSEMS/PHS Senior Instructor

Dr. Stephen Bowden
Stephen Bowden, MD
Medical Director

Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks, Ed.D., NRP
EMS/Paramedic/BSEMS/PHS Senior Instructor

Amanda Clifford
Amanda Clifford, MA, NRP
PHS BS Program Director;
EMS/BSEMS/PHS Instructor

Josh Coaker
Josh Coaker, MHA, NRP
Lead Paramedic Instructor

Joel Ellzie
Joel Ellzie, MHA, NRP
EMS Program Director;
Paramedic Instructor

Lamar Green
Lamar Green, BS, NRP
Field Coordinator, Alabama Gulf EMS System

Kristen McKenna
Kristen McKenna, MA, NRP
EMS Bachelor’s Degree Program Director; 
BSEMS Advisor;
EMS Clinical Senior Instructor


Will Montalban
Will Montalban, BS, NRP
CME Program Administrator; EMT Spec II

Marla Snell
Marla Snell
Secretary V