Faculty and Staff


Charlie Erwin
Charlie Erwin, Ed.D., NRP
Department Chair;
Interim Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs;
EMS/BSEMS/PHS Senior Instructor

Dr. Stephen Bowden
Stephen Bowden, MD
Medical Director

Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks, Ed.D., NRP
EMS Bachelor’s Degree Program Director;
BSEMS Advisor;
EMS/Paramedic/BSEMS/PHS Instructor

Amanda Clifford
Amanda Clifford, MA, NRP
EMS/BSEMS/PHS Instructor

Josh Coaker
Josh Coaker, BS, NRP
EMS Instructor

Joel Ellzie
Joel Ellzie, BS, NRP
EMS Program Director;
Paramedic Instructor

David Garmon
David F. Garmon, MA Ed.,  NRP
Executive Director, Alabama Gulf EMS System;
EMS/BSEMS/PHS Senior Instructor

David F. Garmon
Lamar Green
Field Coordinator, Alabama Gulf EMS System

Kristen McKenna
Kristen McKenna, BS, NRP
EMS Clinical Instructor

Will Montalban
Will Montalban, BS, NRP
CME Program Administrator; EMT Spec II

Part-time Faculty

Brian Payne, MA, NRP
EMS Instructor


Melody Gray
Secretary V

Marla Snell
Secretary III