Current Jewish & Holocaust Studies Courses

Upcoming Courses - Fall 2021

▼   Core Courses
JHS 101 - Introduction to Jewish & Holocaust Studies
T/TH @ 2PM

Prof. David Meola

This course, a requirement for all Jewish & Holocaust Studies minors, will introduce students to methods, questions, and concerns within these fields. Students will be provided with an overview of Jewish history as well as how Jewish history first came to be an historical field of inquiry. Students will also be given an overview of the Holocaust, other genocides, and genocidal violence. Students will then be introduced to various approaches in Jewish and Holocaust Studies. This course will help students formulate ideas for research topics related to the class and will show them how and why a Jewish & Holocaust Studies minor may be able to help them in future endeavors.

REL 200 – Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Professor Christine Poston

This course, a requirement for all Jewish & Holocaust Studies minors, provides an introduction or survey of the literature and social world of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. As a way of further illuminating these materials, attention will also be given to the history and religion of Israel as well as the other peoples of the ancient Near East. Fulfills the General Education Requirement.

▼   Potential Electives (Please see director to speak about requirements for elective courses):

HY 101 & 102 - Western Civilization
Various Sections available

HY348 – Hitler and Nazi Germany
Prof. David Messenger (NOTE: no approval needed for JHS credit)
HY 454 – British Empire
Prof. Michele Strong
HY 471 – Atlantic World (W)
Prof. Marsha Hamilton
HY 485 – American Feminist Movements
Prof. Martha Jane Brazy
PSC 340 – Race, Gender and Politics
Prof. Corinna Schulze
PSC 360 – Politics of Europe
Prof. Konrad Kressley
PHL/SY/REL 352 – World Religions
Prof. Kevin Meeker
SY 220 – Marriage and the Family
Prof. Susan Deloach

Upcoming Courses - Spring 2022 

Core Courses:

REL 200 - Introduction to the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament (online)


Elective Courses: 

HY 401 - Themes in World History - Antisemitism: Then and Now
Prof. David Meola, Prof. Richard Schellhammer, Prof. Dan Puckett, Prof. Jonathan Wiesen,  and Prof. Daniel Levine

This course is a team-taught course that will have students from five state universities in Alabama (USA, Troy, West Alabama, UAB, and UA). Students will learn to think about the concept of Antisemitism historically and in relation to other racisms. At the end of the term, students will come together to present their own research papers, which are guided by instructors at their home universities.


HY 382 (W) - Jews and Modern American Culture

Prof. David Meola

This course will look at the Jewish contributions to American culture during the twentieth century. From their status as outsiders to being ‘whitened’ during the course of the century, Jews have made various contributions to American culture that are foundational to many of our entertainment industries. It is not a wonder that marginality has brought Jews a creative element that they share with other outsider groups, something that continues to this day. In this class, we will observe and research Jews in four main fields: comics, comedy, Hollywood, and food to see how and to what extent American Jews have influenced American culture as a whole. We will particularly focus on film and comedy, as the legacy of Jewish comedians/comediennes is truly outstanding.


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Past Courses

Spring 2021

Core Courses:

REL 200 - Introduction to the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament


Elective Courses:

HY 390 - American Jewish History
Prof. David Meola

HY 228 – History of Latin America

Prof. Kelly Urban

HY 333 – Great Britain since 1815

Prof. Michele Strong

HY 365 (W) – Islamic Civilization since 1453

Prof. Rebecca Williams

PSC 340 – Race, Gender, & Politics

Prof. Corinna Schulze

PSC 489 – Leadership and World Leaders

Prof.  Zohair Husain

REL/PHL/SY 352 – World Religions

Prof. Kevin Meeker


Fall 2020

Core Courses:

HY 347 – History of the Holocaust                                

Prof. David Meola

REL 200 – Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Professor Christine Poston


Elective courses:

HY 338 – History of Russia                                         
Professor Mara Kozelsky                                    

HY 356 (W) – European Civilization 1815 – 1915           

PHL/REL 352 – World Religions                                      
Professor Kevin Meeker

PSC 340 – Race, Gender, & Politics                                
Professor Corina Schultze

PSC 354 – Media and Politics                                            
Professor Jaclyn Bunch                                                                     

PSC 360 – Politics of Europe                                           
Professor Konrad Kressley

PSC 365 (W) – Politics of the Middle East                        
Prof. Zohair Hussain

PSC 372 – American Foreign Policy                                 
Professor Konrad Kressley

SY 200 – Sex, Power, & Politics                                        
Professor Leo Mundy 


Spring 2020

Elective Courses:

AN 290 – Food and Culture 
EH 226 – American Literature after 1865
LG 490 – Love and Family 
HY 228 – History of Latin America
HY 346 –The Second World War 
HY 357 – Europe since 1945 
HY 364 – Islamic Civilization to 1453 
HY 457 – Gender and Society in Early Modern Europe  
PHL 245 – Renaissance and Enlightenment
PSC 452 – Politics of the Muslim World 
SY 445 – Majority-Minority Relations

Fall 2019

Elective Courses:

EH 226 – American Literature after 1865
HY 390, Section 102 – Central European History from Luther to Bismarck
HY465 – Studies in Islamic Civilization (W course)
HY 458 – Sex and Celibacy in the Christian West
PHL/REL 351 – Philosophy of Religion (W course)
PHL/REL 352 – World Religions
PSC 340 – Race, Gender & Politics
PSC 365 – Middle East Politics (W course)
SY 445 – Majority-Minority Relations

Spring 2019

Elective Courses:

HY 348 - Hitler and Nazi Germany
HY 365 (W) - Islamic Civilization from 1453 to present
HY 442 - Research Seminar in European History
HY 457 - Studies in European History
PSC 489 - Leadership & World Leaders
PHL/REL/SY 352 - World Religions
SY 420 - Sociology of Religion

Spring 2018

Elective Courses:

HY 382, Sec 101 (W) - Jewish and Modern American Culture

Fall 2018

Electives Offered:

CA 343 – Film History
HY 390-101 – Race, Migration, and Identity in Contemporary Europe (since 1945)
HY 457/557 – Imperial Britain: Metropole and Colony in the Victorian Era
IS 100 – Introduction to International Studies 
LG 366 – Advanced German Grammar