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Mobile Math Circle in Action

Welcome to the Mobile Math Circle! Please come and join us. All high school and middle school students are invited.

Special Guest Speaker Presentation:

Dr. Jimmy Dillies, University of Georgia

Monday, March 1, 2021, at 7 PM, online via Zoom

Please register in advance: Registration

Dr. Lagrange and King Ubu's Five Sons

The old King Ubu knows that his end is nigh. He has amassed a huge treasure in his youth, and he wants to leave it to his sons so that they can use it to run the country. Unfortunately, he does not trust his sons very much and does not want to give the key to the treasure to only one of them out of fear that he would run away with the jackpot. Unfortunately, Ubu knows that the law of the land forces him to hand his treasure to his descendants. How can he make sure that no son will suddenly run away with all the gold and precious stones? Desperate to find a solution, Ubu reaches out to the wise Dr. Lagrange. Will Dr. Lagrange be able to find a security protocol that guarantees that any two sons can use the treasure but that no single one can keep it for himself? Will he be able to give Ubuland access to his treasures while preventing one of his crazy sons from going rogue and escape with the money? Come and help Dr. Lagrange in his quest to help poor King Ubu.

In response to the public health threat due to the coronavirus the Mobile Math Circle will meet remotely via Zoom during the Spring Term 2021.

The Circle will meet every Monday from 7 PM until 8 PM. Our first meeting was on January 25, 2021. In order to participate you need to register online. Go to Registration .

The Mobile Mathematics Circle is a weekly gathering of students of high school and middle school age guided by professional mathematicians. It is designed for students who enjoy math and want the challenge of exciting problems that are normally outside the school curriculum.

The Mobile Mathematics Circle belongs to the great tradition of Mathematics Circles which started in Hungary more than a century ago and has grown stronger worldwide every year.

The activities of the Mobile Math Circle are sponsored by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Alabama.

New students are welcome. Sessions are free for all students.

Please read the following article about the Mobile Math Circle. Here is a version from the Mobile Press Register. You may also be interested in a short report on last year's activities.


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Questions? Please call us (251) 460 7293 or send email to Dr. Pillen