Math 120 syllabus

Calculus and its Applications

Course Description

The course is an introduction to calculus with an emphasis on problem solving and applications. Key concepts are presented graphically, numerically, and algebraically, although the stress is on a clear understanding of graphs and tabular data. The course covers: algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions, their properties and their use in modeling; the concepts of derivative and definite integral and their applications. Credit for both MA 120 and MA 125 not allowed. MA 120 is not a Prerequisite for subsequent calculus courses.

Core Course

C or better in MA 112, or sufficient mathematics placement test score.


Goldstein, Lay, Schneider and Asmar: Brief Calculus and its Applications, Pearson, 14th edition, with MyLabsPlus access code.

Learning Objectives

Upon the successful completion of the course a student will:  

  • Have an understanding of the idea of the derivative as a rate of change and as a slope;
  • Be able to compute simple derivatives using the rules of differentiation;
  • Be able to use the derivative as a tool for applied problems;
  • Be able to compute simple antiderivatives;
  • Have an understanding of the concept of a definite integral.

Course Structure

The homework, quizzes, and exams are maintained online using the MyLabsPlus website. A Master Course is maintained by the course coordinator and is copied for each individual section. Individual instructors are free to make minor modifications as they see fit.

Last updated: April 19, 2018