Math 237 syllabus

Linear Algebra

Course Description:

An introduction to linear algebra, topics include vector

spaces, linear transformations, determinants, the eigenvalue problem,

orthogonality. Core Course 

Prerequisites:  C or better in MA 126.

ok:   Lipshultz, Seymour and Lipson, Marc Linear Algebra, 5th edition, in

the Schaum's outline series McGraw-Hill (2012) ISBN 978-071794565 


Chapter 1 - 1 week

Chapter 2 -  1 week

Chapter 3 -  2 weeks

Chapter 4 -  2 weeks

Chapter 5 -  2 weeks

Chapter 6 - 2 weeks

Chapter 8 -  1 week

Chapter 9 - 2 weeks 

Learning Objectives:

  • You will have developed good conceptual and

computational understandings of linear algebra.

  • You will be expected to be able to state definitions precisely, prove

some small theorems, follow the proofs of bigger theorems, and apply

these results in a variety of real world situations.

  • You will be able to row reduce a matrix by hand, and describe the

steps used in row reduction as elementary row operations.

  • You will be able to identify row space, column space, null space,

domains and ranges associated with matrices and with linear maps.

  • You will be able to perform matrix arithmetic (addition, multiplication,

multiplication by scalars) and be able to interpret these operations in terms

of linear transformations, changing bases, or as row or column operations.

  • You will be able to identify eigenvalues and eigenvectors of self-

adjoint matrices. 


Time allotments for coverage are approximate and allow for exams and optional

topics.  This outline of time allotments is based upon the advice of those who

have taught the course.  This outline is subject to change and refinement.


Last Updated February 4, 2014