Math 238 syllabus

Differential Equations 

Course Description:

First order differential equations. Higher order linear differential

equations. Systems of first order linear differential equations. Laplace Transforms.

Methods for approximating solutions to first order differential equations. Applications.

Core Course

Prerequisites:   MA 126. Students should have taken or be taking MA 227.

Textbook:   Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, 4th edition

C.H. Edwards and D.E. Penney Published by Pearson, Prentice-Hall.

ISBN 9787-0-13-156107-6

Topics & Time Distribution


Chapter 1 - all sections  (3 weeks)

Chapter 2 - (omit 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6)  3.5 weeks

Chapter 3 (omit 3.6-3.8)  3.5 weeks

Chapter 4 (omit 4.3)  2 weeks

Chapter 7 (omit 7.6)  2 weeks

Note - time allotments are approximate and do not include exams.

MA 238 Differential Equations Learning Objectives

Understand the definition of a differential equation and the meaning its solution as well

as statements of existence and uniqueness theorems

Be able to solve first order differential equations and apply their solutions

- Separable Equations

- Integrating Factor methods

- Homogeneous Equations

- Applications:  Population models (exponential growth), radioactive decay, Newton's

Law of Cooling (exponential decay), acceleration-velocity models, motion in a resisting

medium. Higher order d.e.'s (mostly 2nd order).

- Homogeneous equations with constant coefficients: general solution.

- Non-homogeneous equations: particular solutions; methods of Undetermined

coefficients and

Variation of Parameters

- Applications: Equations of Motion; Simple Harmonic Motion.

First-order linear systems. Introduction to matrix and operator techniques.

Laplace Transform methods, use of Transform Tables. Wave Functions.



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