Math 267 syllabus

Discrete Mathematical Structures

Course Description: This course is an introduction to discrete mathematics for students majoring in computer-related areas. Students will be introduced to concepts and methods that are essential to theoretical computer science. A strong emphasis is placed on developing skills in mathematical reasoning and understanding and writing proofs. Topics include sets, functions, induction, recursion, combinatorics and graphs.

Prerequisites: C or better in MA 113 or MA 115, or sufficient mathematics placement test score.

Textbook: Rosen: Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, McGraw-Hill, 7th edition with Connect access code (ISBN 9780073383095). 

Coverage: Selected sections of Chapters 1-10 as time permits

Learning Objectives:   Learning the mathematical concepts and methods that are essential to theoretical computer science. Objects of study include sets, strings, functions and graphs. Methods include induction and recursion with an introduction to closed form solutions.

Remarks:   Handouts and notes may be used to supplement the text. Additional resources are posted online using Sakai. The Connect access code by itself is sufficient as it includes access to an etext.


Last Updated August 15, 2014