Math 321 syllabus

Elementary Geometry

Bulletin description:  

A review the major topics (from secondary school curriculum) of

plane and solid geometry from the modern viewpoint; axioms, undefined terms,

definitions, theorems, and proofs.


Prerequisite:   C or better in MA 320.


Text:    George Jennings:  Modern Geometry with Applications Springer ISBN: 0-387-94222-X


Learning Objectives:

Students will have a deeper understanding of elementary

geometry from a modern viewpoint.  They will understand Euclidean constructions and

Cartesian algebra, as well as more modern techniques involving incidence axioms and

isometric transformations. Students will gain experience in solving problems and

communicating mathematical ideas effectively. Optional topics include non-Euclidean

geometry, projective geometry, and finite geometries.


Last Updated February 12, 2014