Math 410 syllabus

History of Mathematics

 Course Description:

A historical survey of the general development of mathematics

with a balance of historical perspective and mathematical structure.

Prerequisites:   C or better in EH 102 and either senior standing or permission

of the instructor or the department chair.   

Textbook:   Marty Lewinter & William Widulski,  The Saga of Mathematics: A Brief

History, Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 1st edition (2002).  ISBN: 9780130340795  

Learning Objectives

• To give life to students’ knowledge of mathematics

• To provide an overview of mathematics, including an ability to see how various undergraduate courses fit together

• To show students that mathematics is a part of our culture

• To indicate how students might use the history of mathematics in their future teaching

• To improve students’ reading and analytical skills, especially in a technical situation

• To improve students’ oral and written communication skills in a technical setting.


Last Update: February 12, 2014