Math 458 syllabus

Operations Research (W)

Bulletin Description:  
An introduction to linear programming. The course will include studying the simplex method as well as using computers to solve linear systems of equations.  As time permits, topics covered will include sensitivity analysis, duality, integer programming, transportation, assignment, transshipment, and networks. Credit for both MA 458 and MA 567 is not allowed. 

Prerequisites:   "C" or better in EH 102 or EH 105 and MA 237.   

Text:   Operations Research, Applications and Algorithms, by Wayne L. Winston,

Thomson Publications, 4th edition

Coverage (1 class is equivalent to one hour 15 minutes)

Model Building  (Chapter 1) 1 class
Basic Linear Algebra (Chapter 2) 2 classes
Linear programming  (Chapter 3)  3 classes
Simplex algorithm (Chapter 4) 5 class
Simplex problems (Chapter 4) 1 class
Sensitivity analysis  (Chapter 5) 2 classes
Duality (Chapter 6)  2 classes
Duality & sensitivity analysis (Chapter 6) 1 class
Duality problems (Chapter 6)  1 class
Transportation problems  (Chapter 7) 2 classes
Assignment & transshipment problems (Chapter 7)  1 class 
Network models  (Chapter 8) 4 classes
Integer programming (Chapter 9) 2 classes

Time allotments are approximate and do not include exams and project presentations. 

Learning Objectives

To equip students to be able to solve real world problems ioperations research.  The course will emphasize the various ways that exist to solve these problems, and how to communicate the solutions to non-technical people.


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