Math 512 syllabus

Algebra II 

Bulletin Description:
A graduate level introduction to ring theory and fields. Topics include ring homomorphism, quotient rings, ideals, rings of fractions, Euclidean domains, principal ideal domains, unique factorization domains, modules, finite fields, and field extensions.  This course is taught in the traditional lecture format.   3 Credits.

Prerequisites:   C or better in MA 511.
Suggested Text:   Algebra, Second Edition, by Michael Artin.  
ISBN 978-0-13-241377-0

Coverage: Chapters 11 and 12 as well as selected topics from chapters 13 through 16.

Learning Objectives

  • Students are expected to gain a deep understanding of the fundamental algebraic concepts of rings and fields, their properties and applications.

  • Students are expected to be able to state definitions precisely, to construct proofs of mathematical statements, to read and understand proofs of mathematical theorems, and to apply these theorems and learned techniques to new situations.

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